Wiz Gets Caught Being Sneaky On the Gram!!!

Wiz and amber

Uh Oh Trouble in Paradise as Wiz Khalifa tried to get a sneak peak of a new Amber Rose forerunner.

Liking pics wasn’t enough, but Wiz referred to as “mistercap” get the juice inside…

Allen Iverson Done Stole The Kids

Allen Iverson wants his estranged wife Tawanna arrested for removing her belongings out of their home

What’s that in your cup??????

Allen Iverson’s ex-wife Tawanna has filed docs due to Iverson allegedly get the juice inside…

Will Smith Plants A Kiss On Son Jaden’s Lip


The Smith’s are up to their shenanigans again, I guess they need all the publicity they can get for their movie After Earth, since it wasn’t a hit from the door. Will plants a get the juice inside…

Halle Berry and Olivier Revealed The Sex Of Their Baby


Halle Berry and fiance Olivier Martinez revealed the sex of their baby during an interview with People Magazine. Halle is having a boy this second time around.

Olivier states” My son will remain get the juice inside…

2 Chainz Runs And Falls During Robbery [Video]

2 chainz shot at

Last week the blogs exploded with chatter of 2 Chainz getting his jewelry, money, and syrup taken at gunpoint while in San Francisco, but of course out of embarrassment get the juice inside…

2 Chainz Robbed at Gun Point in San Francisco

2 chainz-robbed-at-gunpoint-in-san-fancisco

I guess not everybody can have ride or dies by they side as 2 Chainz quickly learned.  Hours before he was scheduled to perform in San Francisco him and his entourage get the juice inside…

Ochocinco Smacks attorney on A$$ and lands 30 days in Prison

ochocinco sent to prison

Ocho “Headbutt” Cinco being the fast man he is slapped his attorney on the backside which landed him 30 days in jail.  As we all know Ochocinco is on probation for get the juice inside…

Fantasia Speaks About Her Love Affair, Cyber Bullying, and New Music

fantasia and missy elliot filming without me video

Fantasia has definitely been out there in negative news land for a minute, from being ridiculed about her struggles of not being the best reader, to her get the juice inside…