La Basketball wives reunion show was boring to say the least, I was amazed at how it was all about Jackie who is cookoo off her rockers. How can one old asz woman manipulate so many women in such a short period of time, and we talking grown women. The only one who really was trying to show a spine was Draya. She was so happy that for the first time she was a part of the clique, she was on the inside looking out and loving it. Wait… I have to give credit when it’s do I overlooked Gloria she was trying to get a couple of words in until Jackie shut her down with the Beotch shut the fu*k up , just zip it line and that was all she wote.

Laura looked sedated, but she placed one foot out of lala land for 10 seconds to talk about her off and on for good relationship and that ring. That ring was colossal and real talk how many kids does she have by Shaq Gilbert the grape 3 or 4, I would run back too……. Its hard out here, you see how she was forced to downsize and struggle just a little bit.. plus ballin is back hell maybe Gloria is on her way back to Matt B.A.B.A. I wouldn’t doubt it. I don’t care if  Matt tweets all day about the rapper Game  chopping down Gloria because he’s still chopping her down. Malaysa  giving Jackie a hug when she became emotional was very noble. Something about her I can relate to and have liked from the beginning especially after she cleaned Laura’s clock.

Imani just sat there like her spanx was cutting off all her supply and will to talk, and last but not least Doug and Jackie. I feel sorry for him it is crystal clear who wears the pants in that relationship some say there is nothing wrong with a hen pecked man. I disagree and I am going on record to say I like how they’re marriage is protrayed and unity and communication are key factors but a man is a man so man up Doug at least for the cameras. The ladies thought they were victimized but wow when I think that he’s been manipulated for 16 years that’s what I call total mind f*cking to the highest power. How many ladies are looking for their Dougie?

Here goes one of the highlights of the reunion show check it out and Njoy

John did his thang this time, he got all his digs in and it was orchestrated just right.


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  • Necole

    Yes I totally agree it was so boring I thought they were going to tell that Laura and draya had the same baby dads or Gloria is still sleeping with mat beat a bitch ass along with his friend the game And own it I expected Jackie to be in an insane asylum etc etc no drama John couldn’t create any

  • Jackie

    Jackie is insane but I like her those grown ass women as u pointed out should have known better wtf was going on with them that they were as u say easily manipulated in quotes I’m not condoning what she did but everybody played their part and Yes I’m looking for a dougie lol u know any?????lmao

  • Mediajuicejoint

    Hold up Jackie is that u?????? Lmao can’t be you are using full sentences without spelling ur curses in cursive as a matter of fact I haven’t heard you swear yet

  • Beyoncca

    I couldn’t believe how all the ladies focused on Jackie. Instead of owning their own bad behavior. On episode 1 Laura dislike Malaysia and Draya and Tonya, yet they want us to believe that all the drama came from Jackie.
    Gloria and Laura said to Jackie that they didn’t want Malaysia or Draya to come on the Hawaii trip they said they only wanted Imani and Jackie and themselves. Jackie said she wanted everyone to come, yet while they all were in Hawaii the ladies ganged up on Jackie. No one would own any of the mean things they said about each other when Jackie said lets all clear the air and discuss what was said, everyone wanted to talk over her or pretend that they didn’t know what she was talking about. Fake Broads. Keep being a leader Jackie and let those loser followers trail behind.

    • jackie

      Yes Beyoncca I forgot all about that you made me hit the DVR I never liked those sisters anyway they slimey too but have their asses on their back and Imani is just a follower if you ask me Draya just want to be down. Malaysia is my girl whatever happened to Kimsha and Tonya? Kimsha was on Jonesy fb page talking reckless but I still didnt get the story?

  • Tee

    Thats exactly whatI think. Laura said bad things about Draya uninfluenced by anybody and the rest of them were not totally sincere. so i hate that john sally assisted them in focusing on jackie.

  • kimmy

    He sure did because he is a bitch tried too throw shade on doug too men dont do that they need to bring lala back and can his ass. MJJ do you think they will bring Jackie back she was twisting but that’s what you do to puppets right? Nobody wanted to own up to their shit it was boring all I could think about was when is this going off so i can see love and hip hop. I love your blog you are witty but you tell it like it is. Im glad u cleared up your gender and you did it in a sly way good luck to you my friend I follow on twitter and I am upset about the jonesy getting fired but muthaknows is still on their what happen to loyalty I just de friended his ass where is the loyalty? What happen to michael shawn and did they really get uncle corny ass o to fill in do you like shemyra? My husband wants to know what part of philly are you from?

  • Bahja

    I luv that bed and y’all fam

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