VH1 Love & Hip Hop had some twists and turns. Em just experienced that boomerang effect of love. She took Fab back and wants the ring, baby carriage, and the  white picket fence…… 1 out of 3 ain’t bad…. or is it? Should her friends let her know that she is being a fool for him again or should they butt out and support her no matter what decision she makes. Everybody plays the fool at some time in their life, so Emily must do what makes her happy and if it works out or not she will be the one to deal with it, learn from it, and hopefully grow from it. She needs to look at the tone she’s setting for her daughter and her future relationships.

Chrissylove the new look…. her hair cut looks fierce and her eye for detail is right on the money. She has found her niche, their jacket line seems promising. Her talk with auntie was a nice element to add to the show everyone needs that mother and father figure to look up to, friends can not be your go to every time, some times we need that grown lady advice that can only come from those with wisdom, and life experience something your peers can’t offer. Auntie gave her some good advice.

Just when you thought the show was good VH1 throw another addition into the mix, and she’s already hashing it out using drinks and claws as weapons of mass destruction….. SMH, it only made the show better. Kimbella poor girl can’t catch a break, first Chrissy and now the new girl Erica. The claws came out for the cat fight, who seen that coming? Somaya that’s what you have to do, throw some drinks to make the girls scatter… don’t want to f*ck up the weaves, snatch up Olivia and pimp smack her azs.

When people start talking that elevator status b.s. I’m on this level so many floors above you and you stuck on floor 1 that conversation should only end with an asz kickin, Now you know I don’t advocate violence I’m just saying. What shocked me was at the end of the cat fight Ericka asks about her face, Kimbella apparently opened up a little gash on the side of her face Ericka wanted more, told Kimbella she knows where she could find here, left the scene screaming for a phone and called for the boyz in blue….. with all that mouth and fiestiness, where they do that at?

Erica the new girl is fiesty and I like her already but,

she needs to know when to fold em

Ericka came at Kimbella’s neck

They need to take a page from Chrissy’s book fight 101


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8 comments to LOVE & HIP HOP 2 EP 6

  • Lenny

    Chrissy is the one he better get it together Em back wit fab can a brotherake a mistake and live stop hatin you u stupid saying Olivia should get smack I like her she better lookin than all of em but I wouldn’t mind sippin in Kimbella if I wasn’t engaged of course

  • Shelly

    Em will learn the hard way as we females do u but it right when u said as long as she grow from it and about her dtr it’s therapy time u have a lot of insight start one of those columns I have some questions I would like for u to answer I’m send to email you da bomb diggitty

  • James

    Olivi got a stinky dink attitude which makes her ugly my girl is Emily shes sexy pretty just a little confused she wants what all ladies (real ladies) want the fairytale and if homie was in his right mind he would be giving her the world

  • Lennymon

    Well now we know what happened to somaya???? She ate herself off the show Chrissy next lmao

  • Keepingitreal

    Chrissy shud have whooped Yandy azzzz!!! She was Jim manager point blank….know your role sweetie!! Now u screaming Jim your brother? B***** please, that’s his woman u dogging Period? But Chrissy wasn’t running out of a BACK DOOR? I was KML! R u Kidding me? Yandy just look cheap and she always yelling she getting paper? Spend it then trick on a new wardrobe……Kimbella deserves a break! Yea, she sounded like a hoe when she announced her one night stand with Fab, but I got to give her a lil credit for taking a stand on being called a hoe without her knowing participation. LoL:-) Erica just don’t like Kimbella so deal with it and move on. Olivia need to focus on her career and Stay the hell out of everyone else’s drama. Create your own and chase that paper. She starting to look messy to me. Em in love. Everybody goes thru problems, if they work theirs out, that’s their business.

  • Sydney Dunnahoo

    The whole Common and Drake situation,has made me consider of some classic hip hop beef. new Hip Hop artistsjust don’t have that spark that classic hip hop artists had.

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