Amber Rose has hit us up with new music, another single titled “Loaded“. This track has that techno beat that everybody is trying to capitalize on. Amber is in it to win it. She is boisterous and feeling strong enough to release a track that doesn’t have her boo Wiz Khalifa collaborating on. I’ve heard many mixed views about her music, but with the right promotion she might score big.

Check out “Loaded” and tell me if it’s a club banger or not…..

Amber Rose – Loaded by ChasinMoPaper

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5 comments to AMBER ROSE LOADED

  • Necole

    Sorry to say but again this track is corny and her talking over the beat is annoying

  • daryl

    her voice is horrible necole I second your statement if the radio plays this than they are donkeys

  • jackie

    MJJ my whiskey and honey suggest work I see you posting again wooohoooooo
    Amber is my girl but singing is not her forte she needs to stick with the video chick shit especially if she’s getting paid a 100k :)

  • Lennymon

    Upenn is in the house tonight amber baby you got to give it up lol at a club if I heard this I would jam because of the beat they could drop another beat with the instrumentals blend it right and with some drinks I could dance all night

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