Chaka Kahn on Piers Morgan show speaking about Whitney Houston her friend

Chaka Khan sits down with Piers Morgan from CNN. She spoke out against Clive Davis decision that the Pre Grammy Party must go on regardless. Hours after his guest of honorĀ Whitney Houston’s passing, Clive Davis hosted the Pre-Grammy’s Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Chaka says it was insanity, half of the room was partying and the other half was crying . Chaka goes on to say “Knowing Whitney, I don’t believe she would have said, ‘The show must go on’. She was the kind of woman that would have said, Stop everything… I’m not gonna be there.”

Chaka Kahn is a true friend and sometimes it takes a brave and confident person to tell the truth. I think it’s bizarre that anyone would hold a party at the same location as the person who you inspired and took under your wing at a very young age is floors away, who have taken their very last breath on this side of the road.

Chaka Kahn asked a question that should cause some eyebrows to raise, if someone that you call your friend is early on in her recovery, why wasn’t someone there to look over her? Everyone know that you can’t stop someone from making choices good or bad, but you can try to guide them and shield them from certain dangers, that’s what a person who has your best interest at heart does.

Check out the clip with Chaka and Piers Morgan

Chaka Kahn tells it like it is without sugar coating it, or thinking about backlash when it comes to defending her friend Whitney Houston, Would you risk laying it down on the line for your friend?

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  • Lennymon

    Chaka told the truth and nothing but the truth and I don’t blame her for defending her friend and Clive Davis knows his ass was dead wrong Chaka still look good she said she was on that stuff too I thought that made u skinny I guess it does something different to everyone

  • Jason

    You have strong opinions and I come to hear ur sass you make it do personal mixed with fact and I believe that’s the essence of blogging

  • Jason

    Chaka reamed the shit out of Clive she put his ass on blast and good for her everybody talking all this negative shit about her some jokes were funny when she was alive but now she’s gone I wish I could take it back it’ makes no sense to dog her now and not discredit her Elvis was a drug addict but u always hear about how great she is why can’t we do that for own people. I like how you refrain from the negativity and I’m glad because that was a deal breaker for me and u passed good look

  • Mary

    Cjaka Kahn is my hero I think what she said was absolutely true and Clive Davis needs to be ashamed of himself having a moment of silence while Whitney was still a few floors above the party. Why do soapy dwell on Whitney’s past drug use it still doesn’t take away the greatness and I’m not trying to cover up the fact that she had a problem bobby brown did not make her go down either he was a victim of drug abuse as well they relationship never had a chance and Thats sad I believe they loved each other it’s hard for a couple to make it if only one of the two are drug users I’m a former addict and I know it was by the grace of god that saved me and my husband for standing by me thru all these years I’m still a good person Who made a mistake and that’s what Whitney did along with everybody we make mistakes are we ever forgiven at some point we have to let that part of Whitney be a learning lesson but remember how her light shined and touched so many of us thanks Chaka for defending your friend thanks MJJ for putting the positive in front of the negative thanks for telling it like it is with the Celine dion incident. You speak your mind too and I don’t always agree but this time of crisis you chose the right side thanks for not slamming Whitney You never hear about Elvis just like one of the previous visitors said and that was a good comparison thanks for letting me air out hope this go thru and no ody gets fired

  • Love

    chaka kahn has always been outspoken was surprised to hear her say she was on drugs, but yes she is a strong individual to come out and for speaking on jive clive her family is in my prayers especially her dtr its hard to lose a parent. I am also praying for Bobby hope he stay in recovery and lean on his wife and his loved ones for support

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