Another day, another completely conflicting witness in the Trayvon Martin killing. This time, a neighbor is rebutting George Zimmerman’s claims of self-defense and trying to help Martin after the shooting.

Mary Cutcher and her roommate say they went outside after hearing shots fired and spotted Zimmerman on top of Martin, “straddling the body, basically a foot on both sides of Trayvon’s body, and his hands pressed on his back,” Cutcher told MSNBC, adding: “Zimmerman never turned him over or tried to help him or CPR or anything.”


“And for me it was a shock to see, oh my God, that it’s a kid. So skinny, baby-faced,” said Cutcher’s roommate. After the shooting, Zimmerman just walked around with his hands on his head, like he was in shock. Who was crying during the incident is also a muddle.

The crying “sounded young,” said Cutcher. “It didn’t sound like a grown man is my point. It sounded to me like someone was in distress, and it wasn’t like a crying, sobbing boo-hoo, it was a definite whine.” (Also, a friend of Zimmerman’s says he didn’t call Trayvon a racial epithet … but a term of endearment?)



  • James

    I can only imagine the pain and sorrow Trayvon’s family is going through, they remain in my prayers. This case is dividing America where is the sympathy or empathy for a parent that has lost her child to a senseless hate crime. MJJ Geraldo the jerks comment about the hood burned me up inside but it made me think of where that’s coming from, A latin guy wanting to be white so he chooses their side, but at the end of the day he is seen through the white man’s eyes as a spick, this is coming from the mouth of a lain/white american who could easy pass for white but I don’t. This type of predatory actions happen everyday in ny so i’m immune to it but very cautious. I’m happy to see that some neighbors are telling the truth about what they saw on that dreadful night, I commend them because they are stronger and fearless to the repercussions. I can never bring myself to say that Zimmerman had intent to kill Trayvon because I want to believe that people are just not that wicked but I keep asking myself why did he leave the car with a gun. Trayvon would have still been alive if Zimmerman would have stayed in his car. Thanks for keeping me informed

    • Fact check

      Hey James. Your’re racist. Your entire post is a hate crime. To say that all white people are racist shows exactly how small-minded your thinking is. Not to mention the fact the fact that Hispanics have not gone through anything different than any other immigrant group in the United States has gone through. The difference between Hispanics and black Americans is that Black Americans were enslaved and then extorted for labor that built this nation while experiencing only poverty, murder and injustice to combine with other atrocities that continue to this very day.

      Let me ask you to do this: define race. So, if white people have degraded German people, Polish people, Irish people and Italians with filthy names and injustices, is that racist? Technically, they’re Caucasians so that would not really be racist, it’s just the way America is. You’re the new immigrant group and you’re disrupting the current order(usually for the better) so you’re suspect, and being new, you will receive ill-treatment. It may not be right, but every immigrant group has gone through it.

      Furthermore, most of my friends are and have been Hispanic. A good many of them have hated Hispanics from different Islands and countries with no more cause than the fact that they come from another place. Don’t sit there and play like white people are the only racist ones. And don’t sit there and play like discrimination against you is anything like what African American’s go through. How many times have I heard Hispanics making racists remarks toward African-American’s? Do you even live in reality?

      Zimmerman identified with Hispanic in his background to make it seem it was impossible for him to be racist. The guy looks white.

      Despite your statement that ALL white people are racist which puts my friends, family and children at risk of backlash for something that is not their fault, I still do not hate you. I just wish you would shut the hell up because your particular thought processes are too shallow to be in public. You’ll just stir up the village idiots. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of them.

      Also, African Americans, thank you for building this country, thank you for dying for this country. I am sorry that you continue to experience the injustices you experience today. I will continue to be involved with advancing the cause of freedom for all.

      • James

        Facts check clearly need glasses I never said that all white people are racist ESP those who friends have black friends. I am a half Latin and White man that married and have kids by a beautiful black woman. I was reaching from my interactions and experiences and my belief. I see all spectrums and hear most just by being multicultural. Racism exist my kids experience it from their own family I am fully aware that there are good and bad people nothing to do with race. I stand by every thing I’ve said and have many personal experiences to back it up. Open up your mind stop trying to switch my words around and go get a clue and keep your apologies and your backwards wanting to be forward thinking self back were you came from faceless.

  • Niecey knox

    When I heard about Trayvon Martins case I asked the Holy Spirit to show me what happened during the very hour of the shooting. You may not believe this but the Spirit of God always attends to my hearts request, ALWAYS! i cannot lie. God shows me a clear picture of what happened, I promise. Here’s the God honest truth, George Z. was totally aware of Trayvon Martin’s visit way before Trayvons death. George Z. knew and watched minorities in the area of his residents. George Zimmerman already know Trayvon was in the complex, way before Trayvon Martin journey to the store. Also Zimmerman was under the influence heavy, rage adrenaline rush took over Zimmerman entire soul (EVIL). Zimmerman knew Trayvon was headed to the neighborhood store, Zimmerman watched Trayvon the whole time. Also Zimmerman knew all African Americans profile in that area, Zimmerman also knew of the father of Trayvon and his fiance presiding in that gated community long before Trayvons visit. Zimmerman followed Trayvon to the store without Trayvon knowing of it. Zimmerman watched Trayvon enter the store, Trayvon couldnt make up his mimd on what he had a taste for as for as snacks. After 6 minutes Trayvon came out the store, at that time Zimmerman was furious, waiting in his vehicle contemplating the rage of death that had Trayvons name on it.keep in mind, if it wasnt Trayvon, Zimmerman would have killed Trayvons father. Zimmerman saw Trayvon leave the store, therefore Zimmerman drove off ahead already had plans mapped out in his conscious mimd. Zimmerman then called the athorities to be ahead of what he was about to do, Zimmerman was sane at the time of the 911 call. He knew very well what was about to take place, also Zimmermam knew Trayvon was a minor, however he didnt care at the time due to being under the influence. RAGE took place HEAVY while Zimmerman waited on Trayvon to arrive back into the apartment complex. Once Trayvon reached the perfect location thats when Zimmerman jumped out of his vehicle and followed Trayvon in an area of no site a perfect place for Trayvon’s death. At that time Trayvon girlfriend called, he told her he was being followed, Zimmerman knew Trayvon was on the phone therefore Zimmerman had to act quick or who ever was on the phone line would be listening and interrrupt Zimmermans plan. therefore Zimmerman had to force the phone out of Trayvons hand to provoke Trayvon into hitting him, also Zimmerman already bruised himself before the 911 call, Zimmerman set the bruises up while Trayvon was in the store. Trayvon at that time tried to run without his phone but at the time of takeoff Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The cops took Zimmerman for a ride to put all pieces together in a lie to cover Zimmerman testimony. After the cover up lies they then took him in for questions which they already made up. There you have it, God himself spoke through me to reveal every detailed event that took place the night of Trayvons murder. This whole event is true, my heavenly Father would not lie to me, I am God’s messenger, when Whitney Houstin died , i knew everything that took place that entire day of her death also every detailed event way before the State Coroner revealed the cause of death. The same day of an event, God reveals to me..This is true..

    • KEITH

      please ask god to reveal the otcome of the case, im too anxious and hate to wait, also ask him for a short trial with a guilty verdict I believe you God Works in Mysterious ways

    • JustTiredOfThisCrap

      You’re an idiot. Please don’t bring Gods name into your idiotic statements…

    • Elizabeth

      How are you feeling about the verdict? There was SO MUCH corruption in this case, down to the stealth jurors who were in contact with Taaffe during deliberation. Saturday, when the jury was deliberating, at approximately 7pm, Frank Taaffe was on FOX TV and he said that his inside sources told him the jury is deadlocked with five of the six jurors voting to acquit.

      The FOX panel appeared stunned and took a sudden break. After an interview with Geraldo, the panel returned and basically said there was no way the neighbor could know that.

      It will be interesting if this prompts an investigation.

  • FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK ALL THAT OTHER SHIT CUS REAL TALK ZIMMERMAN IS LIAR HE SHOT TRAYVON CAUSE HE WAS BLACK YA DIG ME ? Trayvon probaly defened himself once Zimmeran tried to hurt him other than that its all some bullshit it’s no excuse for shooting him he wasn’t even suppose to follow him so I say give that fat ugly white bitch the death chair!

  • GMAN


  • I am pickins outs my tvs right nows, I AMS GOING TO BEES SO MAD WHEN THEY DON’T convicts zimmer white mans for shooting the brother who attacks him, let me axe you a question, what kind of country do we live in when a honor society student like Trevons cant attack someones with out thems defending themselves.

    Is travons no better than a lollipop it takes three licks to get to the centers of a lollipops , shouldn’t treyvons be ables to strike zimmer whitemans 3 times befores he defends himselfs.

    Flat screen mother fucker

    I’s out

  • Zim made traycoon dead, so give a medal to him instead.

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