Rapper Young Buck bearing twin guns tatted on his chest with his two middle fingers blazing

Young Buck a former member of Fiddy’s G-Unit is in need of some old bucks, I’m talking Benjamin Franklins by the sh*tloads. He’s been shot at, evicted from his mansion…..and in couple of months he’s going to jail. I know you’re asking yourself what in the hell happened to him? Leaving G-Unit and not on good terms.

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Young Buck is in SERIOUS trouble — the rapper has been evicted from his Tennessee mansion … AND the I.R.S is still on his ass for more than $300k in unpaid taxes.


TMZ has learned … the former G-Unit rapper was ordered to vacate his 5,000 square foot home by May 16th.


The details surrounding the eviction are unclear — however, court docs show the judge in Buck’s bankruptcy case signed off on the sale of the house … and ordered that the proceeds go towards paying off his massive $333,975.69 debt to Uncle Sam.


Sources tell us … the rapper — who bought the house in 2004 — was spotted earlier this week carrying boxes and removing all of his stuff from the residence.


It’s just the latest in a sad series of problems for the rapper … who filed for bankruptcy back in 2010 … and was SHOT AT 11 TIMES back in March.


We reached out to Buck for comment — so far, no response.

Mediajuicejoint- Young Buck is f*cked up, he ain’t got a bucket to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of. This is what happens when you don’t have a solid plan once your career takes off. Instead of buying gangsta grillz, big asz medallions, drinking, blowing kush, and making it rain on them hoes, security should have been primary.

Now, that he’s been forced to vacate the premises maybe he’ll take up residence inside of his Cadillac Escalade….if they haven’t already snatched that back…..DAMN it’s hard out here for a pimp.

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  • Lenny

    Young Buck is a thurl rapper that just didn’t make good decision like most young people. He hooked up the devil himself Fiddy and when he tried to leave fiddy held him to the contract but wouldn’t release anything for him to make money and he couldn’t work with other artist due to Fiddy. Unlike T. I. Who would have let him go like he did Meek Mill. Young Buck will be alright

  • Craig

    Young buck was fifty cents bitch and like MJJ said he didn’t handle his business and fifty cent did and dies he can’t blame anyone but himself this should be a lesson to all the rappers on the come up take care your business and keep your mind right

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