Lil Wayne Dishonors Emmet Till


Lil Wayne who is known for his insane metaphors heard through his rap music has pushed the envelope of disrespect too far. Lil Wayne and Future’s new song “Karate Chop” refers to Weezy popping a pill and beating the “P” up like Emmett Till has the Till family outraged as it should.

Emmet Till in 1955 a fifteen year old boy who was brutally beat to death and had his eye poked out because he whistled at a white girl. The Till family and other African American Leaders are calling for a boycott of the song and asking for it to be pulled. The family has reached out to Lil Wayne’s camp in efforts of resolution…..without much success.


Airickca Gordon Taylor a spokesperson for the Till family had this to say:


“I just couldn’t understand how he could compare the gateway to life to the brutality and punishment of death.”


Mjj says, Sometimes we can be our own worse enemy without even realizing it.

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