2 Chainz Robbed at Gun Point in San Francisco

2 chainz-robbed-at-gunpoint-in-san-fancisco

I guess not everybody can have ride or dies by they side as 2 Chainz quickly learned. ¬†Hours before he was scheduled to perform in San Francisco him and his entourage was robbed at gunpoint while the sun was still out. ¬†Unfortunately, his crew fled the scene quicker than you would’ve said go playing red light green light.

Shots were fired and 2 Chainz was clearly the target, and if it was up to him and police weren’t so quickly involved, 2 Chainz would’ve dealt with the situation himself, as he told police.

Titti Boi, isn’t so liked everywhere and he better wear 2 Chainz and a vest next time he plans on traveling without top flight security. ¬† SMH

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