Will Smith Plants A Kiss On Son Jaden’s Lip


The Smith’s are up to their shenanigans again, I guess they need all the publicity they can get for their movie After Earth, since it wasn’t a hit from the door. Will plants a kiss on his son Jaden lips on Thai TV. Some people are trying to blow this out of proportion as usual. Even though it sounds a little suspect……

Once you take time and view the video you’ll see it’s not like Lil Wayne and Baby swapping spit, this is Will’s son and instead of kissing him on the cheek he grabbed his face and pecked him on the lips causing his teenage son embarrassment…….No Harm No Foul……..just a lot of Love and Laughter……..@4.30 mark


Will this staged attempt make you run to the theaters to see Iron Man 3 After Earth…..if not Blame Society!!!!

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