Wiz Gets Caught Being Sneaky On the Gram!!!

Wiz and amber

Uh Oh Trouble in Paradise as Wiz Khalifa tried to get a sneak peak of a new Amber Rose forerunner.

Liking pics wasn’t enough, but Wiz referred to as “mistercap” on instagram decided to take it to the next level as he posted his number on a “model” by the name of Sarah’s pic telling her to hit him up.

Ofcourse like any other man, Wiz’s first reaction is to blame computer techs and claim someone hacked his gram, but no Boo Boo we all know the truth. LMFAO!

wiz cheating on amber

BUT PAUSE! So I guess the new and improved way for a top celebrity to bag a new chic is over instagram? ¬†Letter to Wiz via blog: Dear Wiz, I sure hope this isn’t true because if so I rather you be pathetic in a way such as Ray J and write a song sending a subliminal message. ¬†Sheesh take some pointers man; That will be all.

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