50 Cents Says Rick Ross Shootout Was Staged

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50 cent and Rick Ross definitely don’t get along, there’s been bad blood brewing between the two for a long time. 50 Cent took to twitter to say Rick Ross drive by shooting was staged. Damn, talk about kicking a person when they’re down…smh. Doubling back and looking at the total picture it makes you say hmmmm is there any validity in 50 cents statement?

According to the Inquisitr In the rap music scene, getting shot at and having bullet wound scars used to be seen as a status symbol. If you did not have them then you were not considered to be a gangster with true street credibility. Considering that William Leonard Roberts derived his stage name from drug trafficker Rick Ross, and served as a correctional officer instead of having a background as a gangster, this Rolls Royce shooting would potentially raise the rapper’s profile.

Because of this, 50 Cent is claiming that Rick Ross staged the drive-by shooting since he could not see any bullet holes in the photos posted of the car. 50 Cent and Rick Ross have reportedly been at odds for quite a while now, with Rick Ross saying that if he ever ran into 50 Cent that wringing his neck “would be an option.”

Mjj says, 50 Cent has no filter but most of the time he speaks the truth……The jury is still out on this one.

50 Cent The New Ambasador For Autism


50 Cent shows his humane side, he’s signed on as the Ambassador for an autism charity in the UAE. He’s donating a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of his SMS Audio line. 50 shows that it’s not all about what you can get from people, but what you give that makes the difference.

via Eurweb

50 Cent has been unveiled as the new ambassador for an autism charity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The rapper signed on last month following a private visit to the Dubai Autism Center, where he met with children diagnosed with the condition.

To show his dedication to the organization, the music mogul is handing over a percentage of proceeds from sales of his SMS Audio headphones line in the UAE during the month of November

He says, “It’s not just about donating money. It’s about donating hope, and lending a hand to show we care. Every child deserves the chance to reach for his or her dreams.”

Mjj says, there’s actually a heart under all that armour.





The rapper 50 Cents was hit by a mack truck, fiddy and his driver was rushed to the nearest hospital and released this morning. The mack truck rear ended fifty cents SUV, he’s lucky to be alive.

This is 50 cents second hospitalization over the course of a couple months, last month his hospital stent was attributed to food poisioning, now this….hit by a mack truck and escaping with possible back and neck injuries….

via NYTimes

50 Cent was hospitalized briefly Tuesday morning after a truck hit his car from behind on the Long Island Expressway, according to his Web site, ThisIs50.

His publicist said that the 36-year-old rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, had been treated for minor injuries to his neck and back at New York Hospital Queens and then released.

According to Mr. Jackson’s Web site, the accident occurred when the driver of a Mack truck lost control after the load he was carrying shifted, causing the truck to hit the rear of the SUV with Mr. Jackson and his driver.

Mediajuicejoint- 50 cents must have 9 lives, he’s been shot a gazillion times, food poisoned, survived Oprah’s interview, and rear ended by a mack truck………

Damn Fiddy take it easy, rest up, and get well soon.

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