Aaliyah’s ‘New’ Album Cover?

In the never ending saga of the upcoming Aaliyah album, we’ve come across this, which is supposed to be her album cover. What do you think?


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Aaliyah  was born on January 16, 1979 in Brooklyn New York. She was a great singer and performer, today marks the 10th year anniversary. As I remember Aaliyah all I can think about is her swag, she was so different from the other artists in her category and she always had a sweet demeanor to her.

Aaliyah with her infamous hairstyle with the swoop, which til this day many women still rock, the fashionable bandannas and the silver studded patch she would wear, to the baggy jeans with the tight shirts showing off her tiny waist she was able to accomplish each edgy style with grace. She was embraced by R&B and Rap culture. Her hit with DMX  ”Back in One Piece”showed people once again that a hardcore rap with a sultry chorus made for one banging track.

Aaliyah’s dance moves I can remember trying to imitate. She was a good actress too, I just watched Romeo must die the other night and one of my all time favorite “Queen of The Damned“. Breath left her body and she moved on to start a new chapter, however the memories were left behind. She was one of the Great Ones that departed too soon. She will be forever loved and missed by all.


JANUARY 16, 1979 – AUGUST 25 2001

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