TMZ reports Antwan Patton known to us as Big Boi, half of the dynamic duo Outcast was arrested in Miami on Drug Charges. Can You Believe That? A rapper getting caught with drugs. At first I was thinking damn they got him for some weed typical, well… he’ll display the ankle monitor, get hit with some fines, and then get a show campaigning against Ecstasy and Viagra……no big deal so I thought.

These charges are much more serious three counts of possession of a controlled substance, one cont of possession of drug paraphernalia. We are talking felonies, he could be facing some time if found guilty. He was booked and release on 16,000 bond.


According to Miami Dade County Correction he had in his possession some Ecstasy pills,  MDMA, and Viagra . WTF he need Viagra  at 36 years old. SMH you need to get it together. I guess they forgot to log down his Geritol Pills too. He was on his way to have a blast down in Miami popping them E’s and V’s = a very good time , so I was told. I am so sick of these damn rappers getting caught with drugs, use your damn head that’s what your hype man is for.

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