Angela Simmons the new spokesperson for Indique hair, check out her long flowing black tresses

Angela Simmons is the new spokesperson for Indique Hair, they’ve introduced the first line of hair, a new wavy texture called the Bikini Collection. Although Angela keeps her weave game up, and Indique is known for high quality hair, starting at $210 for 12 inches ……I’m not too sure about that.

I’m not claiming to be a weavologist but, I do know a thing or two about it. I can appreciate tangle free hair, and for top quality I have no problem with shelling out my clams for it either.

Check out Angela’s hair, the above pic, doesn’t appear to be the Bikini Collection, unless it’s blown out, and the hair seen on site ….I would have to see it in person to ponder on that.

Have you purchased hair from Indique and if so give us the tea, don’t be shy.


spotted @MISS JIA

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