Bubba Smith in 2009

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As we all know Bubba Smith passed away yesterday. He was found by his caretaker and according to Los Angeles Times, it is believed that Smith died of natural causes. Bubba Smith is known for his role as Hightower in police academy, but for Real Football fans he is known as Bubba Smith a massive defensive end for the Colts. I can hear my Uncle talking about Bubba in his glory days on the field, how he was 7 ft tall and massive in size  Unstoppable, loud I might add as I am trying to watch Police Academy. He was so proud of Bubba Smith because they both came from Texas.

He had some pretty impressive stats. He played college football for Michigan State University, who retired his jersey in 2006 . All american two years straight 1965,and 1966. First draft pick by Colts in 1967. Named First Team All Pro in 1971. Played in two super bowls was victorious in Superbowl V. In 1988 he was inducted into College Football hall Of Fame.

He retired in 1976 where he started a new chapter in his life, the wonderful world of acting where he stood out, shined, and entertained. He was an asset to the Black community, and made Texans proud.


CHARLES AARON ”BUBBA”SMITH  February 28, 1995-August 3,2011

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