Ceiling Debt Negative Impact on President Obama Re Election


House passed the bill 269-161 a day before the deadline  A 2.1 trillion-dollar cut, while increasing the amount the Government can borrow to pay bills.  Senate is scheduled to vote on the bipartisan agreement at noon. The clock is still ticking we have til midnight for finalization. We are still treading in luke warm waters. Cuts over a decade could lead us into our highest unemployment rate, stock market will most likely take a hit, and the triple -A rating may still get down graded. Hopefully the deficit cut will occur when the economy is stronger. I leave you with these questions you must ask yourself.

  • Did Obama increase our debt in an effort to clean up Bush’s financial rain storm?
  •  Do you think the bailouts will be his down fall?
  • Can we blame this economic rut we are in solely on him ?
  • Do you think this fiasco will have a negative impact on Obama’s re-election?