Fat Joe Pleads Guilty To Tax Invasion


Fat Joe pleads guilty to tax invasion and could face up to two years in jail, haven’t they learned from Wesley “grab dem ankles” Snipes that Uncle Sam gone get that asz eventually. IRS is slow as hell but when they do sneak up on you like a puma it’s clink clink.

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Rap star “Fat Joe” has pleaded guilty to federal tax evasion.


The performer, whose real name is Joseph Cartagena entered the plea Thursday to a charge of failing to pay taxes on more than $1 million of income in each of 2007 and 2008.


The 42-year-old Miami Beach, Fla., resident appeared in federal court in New Jersey because some of the companies he earns money from are incorporated there.


He remained free but faces up to two years in prison when he’s sentenced in April.


Mjj says it’s the gift and the curse of losing weight, the inability to stuff money under all them rolls.

Young Dro Owes 45K In Back Taxes

Young-Dro Owes 45K to IRS for Taxes, Now he needs a shoulder lean

Young Dro another victim of when them checks stop coming in and the IRS want their money. Not only did he have his Maserati repo’d he’s about to take a L for owing approx 45K in back taxes….show money for a rapper that’s riding around and gettin it.

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Name: Young Dro


Claim to Fame: Did that awesome “Shoulder Lean” song with T.I. back in 2006.


Accusation: Failed to pay $45,139.99 in taxes to the state of Georgia back in 2007 … according to official docs filed with the GA Dept. of Revenue.


And It Gets Worse: Dro JUST had his bad ass Maserati repo’d 4 months ago after allegedly defaulting on the payments. Damn shame.


Did We Call Dro’s Rep for Comment? You bet your ass we did … no response.


Mjj says You can run and hide from the IRS but they seek and find your ass, if you don’t know just ask Ron Isley and Wesley Snipes.

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bienie sigel carrying out a trashbag full of ........I know he wish he still had some jay z money so he could pay his taxes

Beanie Sigel wasted talent gone down the drain, caught trying to cheat the IRS. They got em on a tax invasion charge and he’s going to the slammer AGAIN, for two years. The Broad Street Bully didn’t file in 03-05 and owe 700k.

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Former Roc-A-Fella soldier Beanie Sigel was sentenced to two years in prison for tax evasion. While many believed Sigel had no means of income, Beanie Sigel is the first first artist signed to the relaunched Ruffhouse Records. Their CEO Chris Schwartz is standing firmly behind his flagship artist.

Although Beans is headed back to the slammer, an album of his will be released this August. Beanie’s upcoming album is called This Time and is the first to benefit from the distribution partnership between the legendary Ruffhouse Records and EMI Label Services. The first single from This Time, “The Reunion,” is slated to impact radio this week.

Mediajuicejoint- Well, at least he has til Sept 12 to turn himself in, so hopefully he can go hard and promote his album, damn what happened to the advance money? Is this what it comes down to when those Roc-A-Fella checks stop coming……..SMH

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Uncle Sam is on Chris Tucker’s asz. Mr. use to be Funny man owes Uncle Sam additional dinero in the the sum of 12mill. He needs to get at Ice Cube ASAP for another Friday installment, have Jackie Chan on speed dial…. desperately in need of another Rush Hour, or do a live stand up show, record it, and shop movie theaters or straight to dvd. The IRS is moving in for the ultimate kill…anybody seen Wesley lately???

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Just when it seemed like Chris Tucker’s tax debt couldn’t get any bigger … the government has tacked on another half a million dollars to his already outrageous bill … meaning he’s broken the $12 million tax lien barrier. Congrats?


As TMZ first reported, Tucker is in the hole to Uncle Sam for a whopping $11,571,909.26 for federal taxes from 2001, 2002 and 2004 through 2006.


Now it seems the state of Georgia is getting in on the act … recently filing a tax lien of their own against Tucker for $592,594.82 for the year 2007.


We’ll save you the time … it comes out to a total of $12,164,504.08.


Calls to Tucker’s rep were not returned.



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