Chaka Kahn on Piers Morgan show speaking about Whitney Houston her friend

Chaka Khan sits down with Piers Morgan from CNN. She spoke out against Clive Davis decision that the Pre Grammy Party must go on regardless. Hours after his guest of honorĀ Whitney Houston’s passing, Clive Davis hosted the Pre-Grammy’s Party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Chaka says it was insanity, half of the room was partying and the other half was crying . Chaka goes on to say “Knowing Whitney, I don’t believe she would have said, ‘The show must go on’. She was the kind of woman that would have said, Stop everything… I’m not gonna be there.”

Chaka Kahn is a true friend and sometimes it takes a brave and confident person to tell the truth. I think it’s bizarre that anyone would hold a party at the same location as the person who you inspired and took under your wing at a very young age is floors away, who have taken their very last breath on this side of the road.

Chaka Kahn asked a question that should cause some eyebrows to raise, if someone that you call your friend is early on in her recovery, why wasn’t someone there to look over her? Everyone know that you can’t stop someone from making choices good or bad, but you can try to guide them and shield them from certain dangers, that’s what a person who has your best interest at heart does.

Check out the clip with Chaka and Piers Morgan

Chaka Kahn tells it like it is without sugar coating it, or thinking about backlash when it comes to defending her friend Whitney Houston, Would you risk laying it down on the line for your friend?

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