Ciara Being Sued By Gay Club


Ciara is being sued by The Factory a gay bar in West HollywoodThe Factory claims that Ciara breached their contract when she allegedly cancelled her appearance four days before the event was to take place. The gay club gave Ciara 10,000 to appear and she backed out. Now, they’re suing her for the 10,000 plus the loss of revenue for the event.

Ciara’s camp is saying she backed out before the contract was legalized, so it’s not clear to why the Factory continued to promote her appearance despite knowledge of her cancellation for the Friday event. Ciara will be performing for the Gay Pride main event on Saturday so she didn’t want to be tuckered out.

Is C-Error wrong or is The Factory claim bogus

Weigh In!!!!!


Ciara Chats About Rihanna With Q Deezy On Hot 107.9


Ciara chatted with Q Deezy on Philly’s Hot 107.9 to promote One Woman Army aka D.O.A., and she spilled some tea about Rihanna and their meoooow fight. Q hits below the belt in a playful way and asked many personal questions throwing sexual innuendos in their every now and then which made for great entertainment.

Ciara gushed as she talked about her favorite subject Auto tuning king Future. Damn she’s so pressed it ain’t even funny but a fool in love is just a fool at the end of the day…..moving right along

Q Deezy hit the temple throbber when he did the Rihanna stop, drop, and roll. Rihanna and Ciara have been feuding over comments Ciara made about Rihanna not being too nice in person, boy I bet she wish she could take that ish back …….didn’t see that backlash coming from Bad gal Ri Ri and her whole Army n Navy troops…..

C-Squad couldn’t buffer that damn near deadly blow. Q asked C-Error if she was to see Rihanna would she speak and she said ….”I don’t know” Q Deezy was on his Rodney King can’t we all get along ish…..well Rihanna had this to say

bad gal riri-response-to-ciara


 Hell has no fury like a woman scorned…lmao






Who’s checking for Ciara, well if you’re the only one, then this bud is for you. Ciara the Atl singer known for her dancing more than anything else revealed the title of her 5th album “One Woman Army” during a MTV live chat while in the midst of promoting her new movie “That’s My Boy“, with Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.

The movie is due to hit theaters on June 15 and the album’s release date maybe provided in the near future, I say maybe because I’m still in disbelief that a record label is backing Ciara’s 5th album, hell I’ll just go ahead and say it …..I’m surprised album 2, 3, and 4 were released.

I’ve seen Ciara perform live, and I’m still having nightmares, needless to say I’ll watch her videos on mute, she can dance her asz off but the buck stops there…….but wait Ciara goes on to tell her fan that the first single “Sweat” will make you do just that in all kinds of ways….video teaser


Check out the clip where she gives herself a plug while promoting the movie.

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