Kevin Hart on Ebony magazine

Talented comedian, Kevin Hart shares his personal insight in April 2013′s issue of Ebony Magazine.  As they conduct an interview he shares thoughts on his family, government, love life, and the reason why he never tells gay jokes.

Also Kevin Hart recently hosted Saturday Night Live and revealed some of his most funniest skits while hosting.  Kevin Hart truly started from the bottom now he’s here, Congrats Little Man! Ctfu

Check out the interview from Ebony:

Being serious around family members and his lady:

“Regardless of how much I joke and play around, my family and my lady don’t respect that about me. I’m serious, because I’m responsible for their well-being. I take that very serious. When it comes time to get naked, I’m serious there, too.”

On relationships and lying:

When I was married, I definitely went through a lying period. I just turned into a liar, but you learn from your mistakes. Being that guy once upon a time has helped me develop into the man I am now, and I approach relationships in a completely different manner.”

On why he doesn’t crack gay jokes:

“The repercussions for saying certain words are harsh, and careers have been shut down. I can understand how people could be affected by certain words and slurs. I get it. My way of showing respect is to not play around with it, not mention it, not joke with it at all. I understand how serious it is.”

On how he feels about making fun of the government:

“I’m afraid of the government. I watched Enemy of the State. That movie scared the s–t out of me. I keep my mouth shut.”


Now check out the skits:

Katt Williams Respond To Faizon Love


Katt Williams calls Faizon Love (Big Worm) a fat bald headed rat due to Faizon calling the boys in blue on him after their little run in at the night club last week.

via Tmz

Katt Williams is adamant — Faizon Love’s accusation that Katt threatened him with a gun makes Faizon nothing but a big, fat snitch and bald-faced rat … but he DOESN’T deny Faizon speaks the truth.


We broke the story … Faizon claimed Katt pulled a gun on him outside Supperclub in Hollywood earlier in the week … Faizon told us he feared for his life.


Katt’s diatribe is telling, because the one thing he DOESN’T do is call Faizon a liar.


After getting arrested and taken to the station, Katt was released and no charges were filed.


Mjj says……Katt might be coming down from that high but, does his words ring out loud and holds some weight????

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Kevin hart video taped singing

Kevin Hart just as hilarious as he wanna be, is video taped singing to all the ladies on candid camera. Hitting all major high notes and changing the ranges of his voice, it’s just too funny for words.


Check it out Juice heads and expect the unexpected!

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PAUL MOONEY GIVES HIS TAKE ON THE RIHANNA CHRIS BROWN INCIDENTPaul Mooney aka The Godfather Of Comedy has blessed us with another hilariously insane comedy special…..that’s airing on Showtime and Showtime Demand NOW,  he’s talking that Rihanna and Chris Brown ish. This show is not for the super sensitive, easily offended person.

Paul Mooney says the things that your mama told you not to listen to, that blue humor, raw and uncut. Check out a tidbit of what’s in stored for you when you tune in.

You black people stop getting this Chris Brown bull-shit twisted and this is not a joke, stop getting it twisted. That girl beat the shit out that boy.


Wet your whistle below

Mean But True and Funny

spotted @Concreteloop

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