Recently Andy Dick has pleaded not guilty to charges of two counts of sexual abuse. I know you heard about him grabbing the crotch of a security guard and a male patron in a bar in West Virginia. Dick is best known for his T.V. show News Room back in the 90′s. This is not the first time Dick has been in trouble.

Dick has had several brushes with the law. Dick doesn’t discriminate Dick love ta-ta’s too, a few years back he pulled down a young 17-year-old top (OLD MEN GONE WILD). He must have just been a little curious because we all know Dick can’t stay out of the cock pits(gigidy). In 2008 he also plead guilty to battery and possession of marijuana. Dick ┬áhas been a very bad boy. If found guilty Dick can be facing up to 5 years in prison, where Dick can be himself and have all the DIC*^s he want WHAT A DICK!!!!!!!!