Jodie Foster Reveals She’s Gay


Jodie Foster reveals she’s Gay in not so shocking news. Stevie Wonder could see that, but I know this was a huge wusaaa for a private person like Jodie.

What way to oust yourself than to drop the bomb during the Golden Globe Awards. Jodie is one strong woman and I’m not talking about her hard facial features either.

What she did took guts so my bra burns for her and the cause.

Keyshia Cole Trying To Take Superhead’s Title


Keyshia Cole has been put on blast. She must have pissed someone off and they leaked a photo of Keyshia, an old photo back in the day when she just wanted it to be over, or it’s a damn good look a like in a very compromising position….gobble gobble. Is she trying to take down Superhead’s title I don’t know, but she’s allegedly taking it to the head literally.

Would you like to partake in the game of whose lollipop she’s sucking……..could be Diddy’s according to Gucci, maybe Young Jeezy, or some other industry dude, we know it ain’t her husband Daniel….anywhooooo moving right along…to the picture it’s NSFW repeat NSFW, but  click here to see that up and down motion on somebody’s thick nice size pole………


kim and kanye in cannes, Kimmy looks good dripping in gold

Kanye and Kim are officially shacking up, and it’s being reported that Kim is driving the staff crazy with her Diva wanna be ways. The butlers and maids hate her, the gardener hate her, and the body guards love looking at that asz but hate her too.

via The National Inquirer

The 31-year-old reality TV star, who recently moved in with Kanye, has been bossing his bodyguards around and insisting they accompany her on shopping trips to carry her heavy bags.


And Kanye’s housekeepers are also on red alert. Kim has told them she wants fresh flowers placed around the home on a daily basis – and she won’t eat any fruit or veggies that haven’t been bought that same day!


“Kim has completely taken over Kanye’s household and is driving the staff crazy with her seemingly endless lists of tasks,” a source told The ENQUIRER.


The glam couple began dating in early April and have been in­separable ever since. They even headed off to London together for the first leg of the hip-hop star’s European tour before Kim returned to the States alone.


The two reportedly put their L.A. area homes on the market and are searching for a suitable place to buy or rent together. But in the meantime, even Kanye hasn’t escaped her demands.


As The ENQUIRER reported earlier this month, when Kim moved in with the 35-year-old “Gold Digger” singer, she insisted that all traces of his ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, be removed from the premises.


“Kim and Kanye’s relationship has moved fast, and she’s setting the ground rules from the start,” said the source. “Kim wants a fresh start with Kanye. And these days, what Kim wants, Kim gets – even if it makes everyone around her crazy.

Mediajuicejoint- Are we sick of them YET???????

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