Gucci Mane Is Locked Up And Wacka Says He Won’t Ever Work With Him

wacka flocka flames beefing with bestie Guccigucci mane locked up and beefing with bestie Wacka Flocka Flame

Gucci Mane been wilding out lately, but what’s new. Last week he went on a twitter rant about not f*cking with Wacka Flocka his bestie due to Selena, Justin Beiber’s old flame was allegedly loving the crew and he’s also facing assault charges for smacking up a fan at a concert.

Well since Gucci is behind bars he has remained silent about the real reason he tweeted Wacka was being cancelled for being disloyal, probably too busy fighting to keep his manhood who knows. Wacka hasn’t dropped any clues either, but he spoke with Mtv to let the world know he ain’t doing any business with Gucci.

Check out the video……



Gucci Mane Says Nas F*cked Up Right Now

Gucci mane still taking ish

Gucci Mane stay coming out his mouth and the vile he spewing can only lead him down a dangerous rode. Gucci first attacked Jeezy, Keyshia Coles and now Nas. Gucci Mane walks in a studio were Rocko is talking about his music, and Gucci but in, and start talking ish about all that he got and what Nas don’t have… blatantly disrespectful

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Has This Gucci And Jeezy Thing Gone Too Far

Gucci Mane on the breakfast club talking ish

Since the BET awards and the beef between Jeezy and Rick Ross came to a head, someone on the sidelines have propelled himself front and center and on the attack, yes I’m talking about the man who tatted an ice cream on his face …icey cold Gucci Mane.

Gucci is doing his best to antagonize Young Jeezy and promote his mix tape. You would have thought it was a recent altercation that sparked this, but ohhh no this ish stems from 2004. Gucci has been on the breakfast club talking ish about Young Jeezy and now twitter……check it out the schemes.

Gucci Mane tweets about Jeezy invite

Tell me what you think about this coonery ish!!!


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Gucci Mane Don’t Respect Young Jeezy

Gucci Mane on the breakfast club talking ish

Gucci Mane sat down with The Breakfast Club and talked some real ish. He spoke on being independent. He gave up a little tea about the Jeezy and Rick Ross scuffle. Gucci refused to speak about pushing a chic out of a moving car and Chalamagne didn’t push the subject either.

The interview gave you a little insight of what makes Gucci tick. This was a damn good interview, he had the whole crew walking on eggshells…..Check It Out


Speak Your Mind!!!!!!

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Gucci Mane going back to jail

Gucci Mane ordered to pay a measly 60k for pushing a woman out of his hummer while it was moving, all because she refused to cluck and buck for him, you gotta remember this incident that occurred last year.

He met this chick at the mall took her to denny’s and wanted to pay her 150.00 for a rump at motel 6. When she declined his offer, he kicked her asz out of his moving hummer…….smh

via Tmz

Gucci Mane learned the hard way … DO NOT shove a woman out of a moving Hummer … because that woman will sue you and then a judge will order you to cough up almost $60,000 in punitive damages.


Gucci was arrested in 2011 after he allegedly pushed a woman named Diana Graham out of a moving Hummer — all because she refused to go to a hotel room with him. He pled guilty to several charges and was sentenced to six months in jail.


Diana then sued the rapper for damages following the incident … claiming mental anguish, pain and emotional distress.


A Georgia judge recently ruled in her favor … a default judgement because Gucci failed to show up in court and submitted false testimony. The judge awarded Diana $58,161.24 for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering.


The judge also signed an order allowing Diana to go after the rapper’s cars, bank accounts and other assets to settle her debt.


Calls to Gucci’s rep have not been returned.


Mediajuicejoint says 6 months in jail, 60k later, all for a piece of asz he didn’t get to touch…..priceless. The judge said you gone learn today that Trickin ain’t Easy.



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North Carolina told Waka Flocka to keep his goons aka security out of their state due to an incident last year that resulted in gun fire and two arrests……They must know that Waka is a Wild Boy!!!!

via TMZ

The State of North Carolina is fed up with rapper Waka Flocka’s so-called “security team” — and now, it’s telling them to stay the hell away … this according to new legal docs.


The rapper — real name Juaquin Malphurs — was just slapped with a cease and desist letter by the North Carolina Protective Services Board, saying Waka’s security team is unwelcome at his upcoming concerts this month … because they are unlicensed in the state.


In the letter, the NC Board cites a tour bus incident in Charlotte, NC last year — when members of Waka’s entourage opened fire on cars after being shot at … an incident that resulted in at least two arrests.


Now, NC ain’t taking any chances — refusing to allow ANY members of Waka’s entourage to engage in private or protective security services while Waka’s in the Tar Heel State. If they fail to comply, the NC Protective Services Board promises to file criminal charges.


Sources close to the rapper tell TMZ, the NCPSB is merely trying to harass them — insisting they have the right to self-defense like anyone else. We’re told Waka and his team are currently exploring their legal options.


Mediajuicejoint: They can’t be any worse than Gucci Mane’s security, who choked and threw Tyler the Creator  from OFWGKTA off the stage……..

Check out the footage below: skip ahead to the 3:18 mark for the real action.

courtesy of freddyo


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Gucci Mane going back to jail

Radric Davis known as Gucci Mane pleaded guilty to two counts of battery, two counts of reckless conduct, and one count of disorderly conduct according to DeKalb County Solicitor General Office. He picked up a woman at the mall and took her to breakfast probably Denny’s.  He offered her 150 bucks to go to motel 6 (trickin), and when she refused he pushed her out of his moving car. Did I say the car was moving ?  She should have got the drop on his asz when she heard 150 for a quickie and beat him to his senses.

Gucci didn’t buy her Lobster and Shrimp because that’s not on Denny’s Menu. Hell he wanted a freebie. How are you going to get mad and kick a chic out of the car, because she thinks she’s entitled to more? You in Atlanta not Sunset Blvd. Rappers have to pay too sometimes. I am puzzled to why he received a sentence of only 6 months? As many times he’s brushed up against Johnny law. In 2001 he was arrested for possession of cocaine, in 2005 he spent 6 months in jail for assault, and 2009 he spent another year for violation of  his previous assault. Less than a year and anger management that’s it, oh I forgot he has to pay the victim’s medical bills approximately 5000.00, and 3,000 in fines BIG DEAL.

Gucci Mane at a game

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