Hugh Hefner Pleasing the Ladies

Hugh Hefner attending Kandy Masquerade at the ...

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We all know about Hugh Hefner’s (Old Men Gone Wild) twitter beef with Ex-Fiance Crystal Harris. The one who left him jilted at the altar. Now I ‘m asking myself , who in the hell showed him how to tweet? SMH…. Apparently Ms. Harris was on The Howard Stern show, trash talking about how Hef’s a two second man. Well I be damned I would have guessed, a second and a 1/4 of a pump. Really at 102 82 that’s a whole lot of Viagra, What did she expect?

Harris 24 went on to say “Hef doesn’t turn me on”. I guess money can’t buy you love either . I’m getting the creeps just talking about it, just imagine Hef naked ……EEEWWWW. I need some hard liquor to wash away that image, but wait it get’s better. Some playmates  (of course the ones still on payroll) are coming forth saying Hef knows what to do in the bedroom,  LMAO YEAH  WATCH.

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