4UMF Exclusive With Maino Wyclef And Jack Thriller

4UMF-Exclusive-With-Maino-Wyclef-Jack Thriller


Brooklyn emcee Maino is taking his talents and hitting the stage but it’s not one he is known for. The “That Could Be Us” rapper is set to star in the upcoming hip-hop musical Freedom.


The play is based on the real life story of David Ranta, a Brooklyn man who was freed last month after serving 23 years in prison for a murder conviction. Ranta was found guilty in the 1991 botched robbery and murder of Brookyln Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger. A hot button issue that needs to be addressed by lawmakers, Freedom aims to shine a spotlight on similar cases like Ranta’s across the country.


“Jurors go into a trial thinking that if a defendant was seen committing a crime, and they confessed to doing the crime, they are guilty,” read Freedom’s press release. “However, statistics show that in 25 percent of the cases where the defendant was exonerated because of DNA, they had made incriminating statements, confessed, or plead guilty.”


Maino will be joined on stage by actress Felecia Gorham and lyricist/composer Chi-Ill.


Held at the intimate The Slipper Room in downtown Manhattan, VIP guests and industry insiders were invited to an exclusive preview of Freedom.


4UMF caught up with Maino who spoke about how he prepared for the role, his personal experiences with the jail system and his latest music project with the Mafia.


Check it out:



Jack Thriller

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Soulja -T of Angle Boi Music Group Interview

Soulja T-angle-boi-music-group-2145-goonn-101-interview

The Entertainers Hub interviews Soulja -T Of Angle Boi Music Group. Soulja -T is promoting his new mixtape “2145″ Goonn#101. He opens your eyes to the street game, music game, and everyday struggles of making it to the top in Opa-Locka. Check the interview out below.


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CNM247 Laughs Out Loud With Luenelle

luenell laughs out loud

(CelebNMusic247) CNM247 Laughs Out Loud With Luenelle:

CelebNMusic247 sat down with comedian/Actress Luenelle from the new animated movie Hotel Transylvania.

Hotel Transylvania kicks off in the scary forest, a place that caters to monsters. Deep in the woods there is a secret hideaway where monsters go to vacation. The hotel is run by Dracula [Adam Sandler] who is celebrating his daughter’s 118th birthday party.

Luenelle shines as the smart mouthed quick-witted Shrunken Head(s) that is on all the hotel doors. However, Luenelle’s main Shrunken Head which is on the Mavis [Selena Gomez] door interacts with Dracula. She gives him a bad time and knows what he’s up to all the time. Luenelle’s character looks out for Mavis in the Hotel Transylvania.

The saucy Platinum blonde comedian knows how to make a scene work even when her character is only a head on the door.

Listen to Luenelle’s interview with CNM247:

And make sure to stay connected to Luenelle. She is a wonderful lady and will have you in stitches. Besides starring in movies Luenelle stays busy with her comedy tour. She is currently touring right now.

Make sure to check her schedule and comedy dates at: Heyluenell.com/


via CelebNMusic247

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Live Chat w/Rosa Acosta

Live interview with video vixen turned exercise guru  Rosa Acosta

Dominican Model, Socialite and Fitness guru Rosa Acosta sat down with HH365 last week and answered questions sent in over by fans.


StatsLive Chat with Dominican Model Rosa Acosta

Age: 25

Height: 5’5

Weight: 125

Chest: 34 D

Waist: 24

Hips: 38

Hair: long /Brown

Eyes: Brown

Skin: Caramel

Dress: 0-3

Shoes: 7 1/2

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latin (Dominican Republic)



Alex Dawson (Philadelphia PA) via I-pad apple: email disclosed: 3:32PM ET

Q: What was your favorite and least favorite video you’ve appeared in?

Rosa Acosta: My favorites are “ Best i ever had” – Drake, “Back to the crib” – Chris Brown FT Juelz Santana and “Come F*ck with me” – Omarion. I dont have a least favorite.


Jason (Alexandria VA) via Twitter: 3:35: PM ET

Q: What was the twitter beef with Wale all about?

Rosa Acosta: Zzzzzzzz


Janos Garcia (Glendale CA) via Twitter: 3:38: pm ET.

Q: How does it feel being the smartest and down to earth model in the business?

Rosa Acosta: Well Thank you for the compliment. I feel good knowing that none of this have change me. I still the same Rosa Acosta that came to US 5 years ago to work hard and provide for her family. Shoes, Bags, and fancy material things don’t make me happier or a better person.



Derrick (Yonkers NY) via twitter: 4:02 pm ET:

Q: What rapper has tried to spit game at you and failed?

Rosa Acosta: Good try! If somebody did i don’t even remember.


Freddie M (Ft-Worth Texas) via email: 4:06pm ET:

Q: Are you jealous of Wiz Khalifa now that he snatched Amber Rose from you?

Rosa Acosta: No im very happy for her. Me and Amber have never dated, We are just friends.


Terry (Los Angeles CA) via twitter: 4:10pm ET:

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years, acting, Music?

Rosa Acosta: Acting, Hosting TV shows for Latin community, Being a well established Fitness personality with tons of Workout dvd’s and nutrition books, spending more time doing charity work and giving back and also taking care of my other business that don’t have anything to do with the entertainment industry.


Marlon Weston (Bronx NY) via email: 4:13: pm ET:

Q: What do you usually wear when you sleep, inquiring minds would like to know?

Rosa Acosta: I got lil lingerie pieces that still comfortable but sexy to go to sleep or walk around the house…


Dwyane (Los Angeles CA) via twitter: 4:14 pm ET:

Q: What do you think of the show Basketball Wives, and could you see yourself on that.

Rosa Acosta: I think all reality shows are good entertainment but people get obsess with them. I also don’t belive in reality tv at all. I have never even date an athlete so i would never be on one of those shows. But i think they are great entertainment, i don’t take them too seriously.


Jermaine (Los Angeles CA) via I-Pad apple: email disclosed: 3:55pm ET

Q: When is your next stretching video coming out? We are waiting!

Rosa Acosta: Maybe sooner than what you guys are expecting!


Catch the whole interview and more pics @ HipHop365.com

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Michael Pena Speaks About His Grueling Training For “End Of Watch”


(CelebNmusic247) Michael Pena Talks Cop Action & Grueling Training For ‘End of Watch’:

End of Watch is one of the most intense movies since Denzel Washington in Training Day. The talented Michael Pena tells CNM247 exclusively about his experiences on filming the movie.


Michael Pena is one of Hollywood’s most talented actors. He already has three consecutive Oscar nominated films under his belt, two of which are critically acclaimed films, Million Dollar Baby and Crash in 2004 and the controversial film Babel in 2006.


It doesn’t stop there for Michael Pena; he’s been steadily working since his first independent film Star Maps.


When it comes to great acting, great movies and great roles, Michael Pena is one actor who lives up to the title of true talent. He is most deserving of a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame and in his current role as Mike Zavala in End of Watch, he should be nominated for a Best Supporting Role at this year’s Oscars.


Pena is amazing in the film. The movie is extremely gritty, riveting and shockingly real. Michael Pena and Jake Gyllenhaal’s onscreen chemistry is flawless; However, Pena’s performance is impeccable and so seamless that you feel he is actually a Los Angeles street cop. It is by far one of his best performances yet.


Michael has a true knack to take on any type of role and make you fall in love with him. Pena has such a natural Latin Charisma, which gives him the edge to play any role like, Tower Heist Battlefield: LA, Shooter, Crash, World Trade Center and more. Michael knows how to captivate his audience and make you remember him in all of his performances.


In his new film End of Watch, Pena does it once again!


CelebNMusic247 spoke with Michael this week to discuss his new film End of Watch, which hits theaters on Friday September 21st. We had the pleasure to speak with him about the grueling 5 month training that he, Jake Gyllenhaal and America Ferrera had to do before filming. Pena told CNM247 about his experience from tactical training, to sparing and to ride along with LAPD. He explains how the cops has cold silence before a situation goes down. Michael talks about how they rehearsed the script intensely, speed reading so the dialogue would be natural and real. He explains how working on the film was infectious. He also explains that being a street cops is like a brotherhood between partners.


After speaking with Michael Pena, we noticed that he embodied that characteristic so dead on in End of Watch it was almost scary. Pena also told us exclusively that he actually felt like he was Mike Zavala, and let us be the first to tell you that he really does come off like he was actually a cop.


It’s one of the best films of 2012 by far. If you love Robert DeNiro or Al Pacino, you might want to add Michael Pena to your list. His star shines bright with CelebNMusic247 as one of our Celebrity Superstars.

Go to CelebNmusic247)  for the whole article

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Eminem Signing The Next White Rapper 7 Figa?

white rapper 7Figa signing to eminem

Supreme Reaction and Staff has had a chance to sit down and talk to 7 Figa as he talked about how he got influenced in music and the one burning question all the fans want to know. Is Eminem going to sign him to Shady Records. Read more and find out.


What got you into rapping and writing rhymes?

Music was all around me from a very young age. I grew up around artists, writers and musicians, although hip hop was not generally the genre of choice. My mother used to play me Bob Marley among other types of music, pops played me Gil Scott Heron as soon as he knew i was pursuing rap music feeling that was the origin.I originally produced beats and spun records but eventually chose writing the music instead. Rappers got the glory it seemed when i was younger. Also writing the music gives an artist a unique chance to individualize language, whatever that language maybe, that intrigued me. To create original word play and punchlines to get a story to the audience.


What was the turning point for you in making rapping not just a hobby but a career?

Honestly, it took me along time to understand the difference. “Business before pleasure” is something most artists don’t understand, even if an artist think they do, business is so crucial for an artist. For a while i was making music that was more for the masses rather than a message and letting people know me personally, and eventually the pleasure or passion wasn’t as strong. The last year or 2 i found my passion for music again. I understood business at a level I would’ve never thought i would, my writing elevated with age, my focus on what i wanted to do was clear as day. I think when I understood how hard you gotta go to get your music out, and excepted that I decided that this was way to difficult to call a hobby.


So, I have heard Eminem is in talks with you? Give us some details if you can?

I haven’t spoke to em personally. I heard from some cats in Cali and N.Y. that him, and some of his camp had heard some of my music and were talking about signing another white rapper. This was more of a rumour that i heard that just got me thinking like, this is crazy, you know?


How did Eminem find out about you?

I think a few connections of mine shot some songs, or videos to some close connections or friends of his. Not completely sure.


What was your first reaction when you heard about it?

Unreal, sounded crazy. I am business minded so if it’s not in paper I am hesitant. At the same time having a legend playing your music is a good feeling, shows hard work is paying off.


How much of his music is influenced in yours?

think em opened the door for “white rappers” to be taken serious on a greater scale. To date, not many rappers can fuck with em lyrically, colour aside. At the same time em has proven himself as a producer, actor and role model for any one, worldwide, not just “white” rappers or even rappers in general. He proved you can get anything, from nothing, if you stick to it. His personal influence on me was the ability to vent on a page, to give people a chance to hear the truth about your life and not be ashamed if you’re not perfect understanding no one is. It so happens my new release “Nails in your casket” is a pretty dark song, I’ m sure he could, and hopefully everyone can relate to these types of songs, that “don’t fuck with me mentality”.


If you do sign with Eminem what would be the main thing you would try to learn from him?

Man, I’ve seen em perform a couple times, but namely in N.Y. at the opening of the new bronx stadium with Jay-z, I’d say 2 years ago. The way these guys control the crowd is unreal. Also he’s seen the ups and down of the business as well as the effect it has on the individual.


What separates you from other artist?

I think I’m more diverse than most are aware with my current releases, over time people will realize. I can tear apart hard tracks, I can be poetic on the softer ballad style tracks. Writing is natural to me, I write songs to all kinds of music and put something unique and different in every track. I feel my punchlines and word play set my self apart from most emcees. Aside from the music I have a personality and look I feel is unique and highly marketable.


What made you come up with the video concept in your new music video?

The concept to this video and the chosen locations was to basically have a really open landscape to create empty space to give the lyrics a chance to marinate. The more dominant location in the video was shot second in the graveyard. This location was to add balance how we did this was using a rose respecting the dead which was in contrast a more rough tone.


Any shout outs you want to give?

My mom, my dad, Lebron Chains and my Lonely Empire family, BHG, and all my fans thus far, we just getting started.


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Marques Houston Talks ‘Battlefield America’


Marques Houston stars in Battlefield America, written by Chris Stokes who brought you You Got Served.


This time around Houston plays Sean Lewis a successful business man/marketing agent who is about to become partner until he is unexpectedly detoured with community serves.


There he meets Sarah Miller [Mekia Cox] who runs a community center for troubled youth. Marques’ character, Sean is a successful, cocky yet charismatic me type of guy who is forced to teach a bunch of disheveled misfits he dubs as Bad Boy, but the boys and Sean clash. However, Houston’s character finds a way to get along with the “Bad Boys.” He helps them learn to tighten up their dance skills to compete in Battlefield America.


Marques explains to CelebNMusic247 how he was amazed by the kids who were actually in it, battling it out in the film.


Houston chopped it up with CelebNMusic247 telling us how Chris Stokes wanted to explore the world of dance in Marques Houston Is Ready To “Battlefield,” by taking a different approach. This time around instead of doing a movie about adults competing, Houston explains how the movie focusing on 8 to 12 years old kids who actually compete in the Long Beach area.


To read more go to CelebNMusic247

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Oprah Winfrey landed an exclusive interview with Paris Jackson scheduled on OWN network

Paris Jackson is only 14 years old, and has experienced a loss of someone near and dear, her father Michael Jackson. Paris told Oprah during a recent exclusive interview for OWN network that dealing with the loss of her father “never gets easier”.


The topic of “childhood” was a recurring theme throughout the interview, since the lack of a childhood was one of Michael Jackson’s life-shaping events. Paris revealed that he made them wear masks so they could indeed have the childhood he missed.


“I was really confused. I didn’t get why I was wearing a mask,” Jackson reveals. “I understand it now. My dad wanted us to be covered [because] he wanted us to have a childhood.” She explained, that covering up was the only way they could be like other kids. “Chuck E. Cheese was one of our most favorite places to go.”….check out a clip from the episode here!


You can check out the Oprah’s Next Chapter interview (also featuring The Money Team, 50 Cent) airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. on OWN





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