Rich Dollaz Dodging That Child Support For His Umpteenth Child

Rich Dollaz and possibly baba mama Chaundrea Nicole

Rich Dollaz and possibly baba mama Chaundrea Nicole

Rich Dollaz dodging child support for his umpteenth child was arrested yesterday in Memphis for … guessed it, his Paternity Case, or shall I say failure to comply with his DNA Test. Nothing worse than a man who desperately want to be in the limelight, proposing to chicks buying a ring but don’t pay for the kids he created…. well Richard Trowers you have been exposed.

MouthtoEars reports Rich attempted to travel to Memphis to attend a talent show, under a alleged fake name. While in Memphis, Rich was arrested by Shelby County police. Rich allegedly had a warrant for failure to appear in court. He was supposed to appear for a court ordered paternity test in Memphis but failed to comply. He also allegedly has warrant in the state of New Jersey and is riding on a suspended license. Rich is currently in booking.

If you thought this was messy enough his baby mama Chaundrea Nicole has a lot to say about him….check it

“First off, I am highly livid that he had the audacity to contact you all and lie like he has. Attached you will find a text from him saying that he did not want a dna test and I’ve offered a dna test and he said that he knew our daughter was his. Also you will see texts from how disrespectful he is to our daughter. The droid texts are me, the other phone is texts to my daughter. Devastated, because he is trying to destroy me and he can not……

read the email in it’s entirety at HSK…..desperate times call for desperate measures.

Mjj says Lock me up and throw away the key but DON’T you dare call me Daddy.

Katt Williams Pimped Slapped A Target Employee


Katt  (Jesus please take the wheel) Williams is out of control. Napoleon has struck again, Katt pimped slapped a Target employee and used a powered cart belonging to the store as his getaway-cart.

Katt has had multiple run ins with the law these past few months, days ago he was too high to perform for his sold out show, so it was cancelled. It’s been far too many dumb asz incidents to run down. If curiosity about crack don’t kill the Katt…..stupidity damn sure will.

via Tmz

What did the 5 fingers say to the face? Ask the guy who got PIMP SLAPPED by Katt Williams.


Katt wasn’t done after leading cops on a crazy three-wheeled chase through Sacramento on Sunday — because moments later, he hit up a Target … where he belted an employee IN THE FACE … and TMZ has footage of the face-to-hand contact.


There’s no audio, so we can’t tell what the argument is about — but by the looks of the employee’s body language before the wallop (placing his hand on his chest) the guy wasn’t looking for a fight.


Then out of nowhere Katt winds up and slaps him in the face — at which point the employee pulls out his phone and, according to an eye witness, he calls police.


Video of the aftermath surfaced on the Internet this week, showing Katt making his getaway in an electric cart … before police arrive. We hate to say it, but it’s hilarious.


Check out this ish that makes you say DAMNNNNN

……..and then there goes the smooth getaway


Mjj says, Katt better turn from his crackish ways and get help, I’ve said it before and I’m a say it again prime example of a fool and his money shall soon part.


Keyshia Cole Trying To Take Superhead’s Title


Keyshia Cole has been put on blast. She must have pissed someone off and they leaked a photo of Keyshia, an old photo back in the day when she just wanted it to be over, or it’s a damn good look a like in a very compromising position….gobble gobble. Is she trying to take down Superhead’s title I don’t know, but she’s allegedly taking it to the head literally.

Would you like to partake in the game of whose lollipop she’s sucking……..could be Diddy’s according to Gucci, maybe Young Jeezy, or some other industry dude, we know it ain’t her husband Daniel….anywhooooo moving right along…to the picture it’s NSFW repeat NSFW, but  click here to see that up and down motion on somebody’s thick nice size pole………

LAPD Looking For Wiz Khalifa For Hit and Run Questioning

Wiz Khalifa wanted for questioning for hit and run in la

An unidentified woman claims Wiz Khalifa hit her car and fled the scene after a video shoot in L.A. Now, the only person dumb enough to shoot a video with you and then run you over and keep on going is one who is on that ooh weeee, so you know that couldn’t have been Wiz Khalifa.


According to Tmz the LAPD wants to have a chit chat with Wiz Khalifa … because a woman told cops the rapper smashed into her car and then fled.


Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the lady filed a hit-and-run report following the crash last Wednesday. Cops are investigating to figure out wassup.


We’re told the alleged victim had been working on a music video shoot with Wiz and she claims the alleged accident occurred around midnight when everyone was leaving the set.


Cops are attempting to reach Wiz.


Calls to Wiz’s rep have not been returned.


Mjj says, Where is Lindsay Lohan when you need her. If she was anywhere close to the proximity the alleged victim would have said it was her……Damn


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Beefing With Chris Brown, I Have An App For That

Who Has Beef With Chris Brown? I Have An App For That

If you have any beef with Chris Brown, boy have I got an App for you. It’s called the “Chris Brown out”. This plugin for the chrome browser blocks your laptop or computer from showing text and pictures of Brown.

There seems to be a new Chris Brown story everyday on the net. Some stories are about more than you wanted or needed to hear. Still, an app seems extreme. But some people do have that much of a problem with Chris.


It appears that this app isn’t the only thing that wants to do some blocking. Looks like Karrueche Tran-Brown’s girlfriend- wants to block Rihanna from Chris’ life. Reportedly, Karrueche told Chris to tell Rihanna to leave him alone (with my neck rollin’ and finger pointin’, lol). And, if he doesn’t, then Tran will tell Rihanna to f*** off.


There were rumors that Chris ditched Karrueche in France earlier this summer to do some bumping with Rihanna. More gas was tossed on the flame when Rihanna appeared on Oprah’s Next Chapter and said that she and Brown still love each other. If you saw the MTV awards, you saw Rihanna come out and give Chris a kiss. Brown is clear about telling everyone that Karrueche is his girl. But, sources say that Tran feels that all of the Rihanna incidents are too much. Thus, the demand. It will be interesting to see what Chris does.


For those interested, the Chris Brown Out app was designed by the music blog AUXLabs. You’ll still be able to get news about Brown with the plug in. But, instead of seeing his picture or his name, you’ll see a blue rectangle.


It’s hard to believe that some people dislike Chris Brown that much. Yet, the tattoos and club fight stories are bombarding you. His photos are blasted all over the web with the label “woman-beater”. It’s constantly in your face and some are sick of it. If that’s you, then check out the plug in.


This kind of software could become a new trend. When you get tired of artist, download an app and block them out…Crazy. It would be interesting to have an app like this for wack artist and celebrities. Imagine, if a celeb or artist puts out too much garbage material, you can get a plugin that will block them out. Hey AUXLabs, how about a Rush Limbaugh version?

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Karrine “SuperHead” Steffans Says “Will You Be Mad At Wyclef, Like You Were Mad At Her??”

Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans Says "Will You Be Mad At Wyclef, Like You Were Mad At Her?? Exclusive — Is there a double standard between men tell all books and women tell all books?? Karrine “Superhead Steffans seems to think so. Wyclef Jean is currently hitting the media circuit with his new tell all book where he claims an affair with Lauryn Hill while he was a married man and Lauryn Hill ended up getting pregnant.

Karrine Steffans aka SuperHead and Wyclef book pic

Wyclef claims Lauryn Hill was also sleeping with Rohan Marley at the time and the baby was actually Rohan’s. However, Lauryn Hill told Wyclef that her first born son was his and never admitted to sleeping with Rohan until later on.


Karrine Steffans Confessions of a Video Vixen spread like wildfire through the music industry in 2005-2006 when Steffans claims she was abused by her then-husband rapper, Kool G Rap.

The Video Vixen also claims she had sexual relationships with numerous famous music stars and athletes, including Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Bobby Brown, Dr. Dre, DMX, Xzibit, Diddy, Usher, Shaquille O’Neal and Irv Gotti.


Is there a double standard??? Karrine Steffans and wants to know “Will you be mad at Wyclef like you were mad at Karrine???

lol — Futuristic Blogger

Karrine Steffans aka SuperHead tweets about Wyclef book

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Pusha T Don’t Give a Damn About What Drake Has To Say


The G.O.O.D. Music emcee did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine while recording parts of his G.O.O.D. Music solo debut, and spoke on the sound of his album, why Kanye isn’t in his top 25, and our friend Drake.


On the sound of his solo debut album similar to “Hell”:

Right. That’s the irony of it all, I believe. I feel like the beauty of it is just all skin-deep. The album, sonically, has these beautiful fucking sound beds. Sonically, it has this level of upper echelon of musicality. And then when you delve deep into the lyrics, it’s like the darkness is just overpowering. It’s like sweet and sour.


On Drake’s comments at Made In America festival:

At the end of the day – I guess just speaking on our behalf – we don’t give a fuck what Drake says. Like, we don’t care. In regards to us, that shit doesn’t matter. Like, if you want to talk about the G.O.O.D. Music today and 2 Chainz, we had a mishap, because we have a record that is performed by four different people every night of the week and everybody has different edits of it. Ye’s verse – where the beat switches up and it’s really chant-y – gets edited out of a lot of people’s sets. Just to keep the momentum of the song going and just keeping the show clean and concise. None of us was told, but Chainz wasn’t told that Ye wasn’t doing his portion of the record [at Made in America].

It was a mishap, man! I mean, fuck! People have mishaps. But I mean, Chainz is so fuckin’ charismatic, he just walks out. I personally would’ve just rapped his fuckin’ verse, because I heard it, but I didn’t want to overstep my boundaries because fans didn’t know he was there. So, you know, whatever. We talked about it in the back. Chainz wasn’t bitter about it. He was just like, “I could’ve knocked it out. It could’ve been crazier had I been on time with it or had I known we were doing that edit.” All of this shit is off the cuff, and all of us is all over the country, and we’re just coming together to do the Made in America festival.

It was a thing of paying homage to this new festival. It was a great experience, it was a great look, being a part of something that Ye obviously wanted us to be a part of. It wasn’t a big production thing where we practiced this shit. Even I came out off-cue! I should’ve laid back a little bit, but we were rocking to it. That’s what the fuck we do – we don’t give a fuck. So, if that was the way you should’ve brought 2 Chainz out [Laughs.], then I’m glad Drake got to do it, and I’m glad that Chainz got the look, and I’m sure people were happy. Other than the shot thing, we don’t give a fuck. We definitely ain’t thinking about no shots.


On leaving Kanye West off last year’s Top 25 Favorite Albums list:

I’m just a fan of a certain type of music. It’s like a guy who just likes to watch horror films. I just like that controversial level of hip-hop – street hip-hop, controversial, that type of aggressive hip-hop. It’s not that I didn’t fuck with Ye’s albums – I fuck with his albums, but I dealt with them in a certain capacity and a certain lane. I kick the record and I have it in my crib, but it’s not what I’m putting on when I’m going to the club . . . until I get to my favorite song that’s ever been made, and that’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothin’.”

You Heard It Via La Dulce LOCURA

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From America’s Next Top Model To Meth Addiction

Jael the next top model beauty addicted to meth and look a hella mess

Jael Strauss a former contestant of America’s next top model cycle 8 has turned away from the glamorous life to a full blown meth addict needing an intervention from Dr.Phil. Jael the boisterous slow talking beauty contestant had an opportunity of a lifetime….what went wrong?

According to RadarOnline A former America’s Next Top Model contestant’s battle with crystal meth addiction is the subject of an explosive new episode of Dr. Phil, and has video of the reality doc’s intervention.


Six years ago, striking beauty Jael Strauss was a finalist on the Tyra Banks hosted show; expected to go on and achieve great things – a career in fashion beckoned and the world was her oyster.

Jael from Next Top Model a meth addict

However, after becoming hooked on methamphetamine, Strauss, 28, soon became a helpless addict and in an episode airing on September 13, her family turns to Dr. Phil McGraw for an intervention.


Ravaged in appearance and living on the streets, Strauss is hunted down by her brother, Brandon and mother, Debbie, who ask her to travel to Los Angeles to see Dr. Phil.


Reluctantly she agrees. But after she finds herself on the stage, she runs out of the studio and into the Paramount parking lot.


Realizing the extent of her issues, Dr. Phil follows her, noting: “This is the first time in 10 years I’ve come out here, to talk to you.”


It isn’t the first time Strauss, who claims to be well-rounded, has struggled with her emotions on TV.


In 2007, in cycle eight of America’s Next Top Model, she was filmed struggling to cope with the death of a close friend from a drug overdose.


Later that year, Strauss sued a photographer over a set of erotic pictures that were taken when she was just 16 years old.


Her family conceded that her friend’s overdose “really shook her,” but it wasn’t enough to wean Strauss off drugs herself.


Viewers should be warned that Strauss, once a beautiful woman, appears anything but, with teeth rotten, a body covered in sores and heartbreaking mental issues that make this a difficult watch.


Mjj says……… Damn every pretty face isn’t built for the modeling business, you have to actually have a brain and use it to stay on top.

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