jessica alba and the fam

Congratulations are in order to Jessica Alba and husband Cash Warren. According to her Facebook posting, she delivered a healthy baby girl Haven Warren weighing in at 7lbs and 19 inches long. This is baby number two for the happy couple. Jessica is the sweet girl from “Honey”, the Sex kitten from Sin City and The Dark Angel. She’s an A Lister with a sweet charm and a kick asz body, even though her playboy pics  looked too angelica….. kind of ruined the purpose for me…any way Jess and her husband have great genes, a good-looking couple I must say but when you look like Jess and we all know she’s a looker she can have offsprings with a baboon and create beauty.

Look at how classy she looks here no enhancements just enough


Sexy on the sand, that’s what I want to be in my next life 

Damn I likey, l like worth turning my head


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