Joe Frazier was one of boxing Greatest Champions. He passed away at the age of 67 losing his life to liver cancer, but his legacy lives on. He was raised in the Carolina’s and moved up North to pursue his boxing career. Frazier was the first to take down another Great Champion Mohammad Ali. Frazier acquired the Heavy Weight Title by knocking Jimmy Ellis lights out. He slayed them all except for George Foreman where he lost his title.

Frazier fought Ali for the second time, they went 12 rounds and the decision was given to Ali. They fought a third time for the title again. Ali was reigning Champion after he stopped Big George in his tracks in ZaireThe Rumble In The Jungle “.  Ali and Frazier  battled it out for 15 gruesome rounds. Ali was defending his title, for anyone who wants to see a legendary fight between two Greats it’s a must that you check out The Thrilla in Manilla below.

Ali would taunt Frazier outside and inside the ring. While they were fighting their last fight Ali said They told me Joe Frazier was through…. Frazier responded They Lied hitting Ali with that left hook I called the (sure thang) it’s sure to do some bodily damage when that thang hit ya. Frazier’s trainer Eddie Futch would not let Joe fight the 16th round due to his inability to see, a scratched cornea only Frazier and Futch were aware of.

Joe Frazier is a Philly legend, I will always remember him as a gentle giant. I would see him in the supermarket never with a cart, just a small basket in his big hands. He would be looking serious and unapproachable until you said his name. ….then he would light up and smile. When he looked and seen it was me he would shake his head and say you again. He would sign autographs and joked around …… An all around good guy. He will be missed and I agree with Heavy Weight Champion Bernard Hopkins, Frazier deserve a statue in the heart of the city just like Rocky. May his soul be at peace. 

Ali said it best when he heard of Frazier’s passing ” I will remember Joe with respect and admiration. My sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones.”

May God provide comfort to the Frazier family and friends.


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