Johnny Gill Spewing Fire on Twitter

johnny gill backstage

According to TMZ Johnny Gill launched a twitter war against Ira Dewitt CEO of his record label. I’m not sure if he tweeted or twatted calling her “deranged and f*^king nuts” after he found out one of his unfinished songs from his new album was leaked.

Don’t you just love twitter? You can always count on somebody ranting and raging on twitter. Since the incident, Dewitt has filed a complaint in court against Gill stating he tweeted defamatory statements about her buisness, damaged her reputation and blah blah blah .

What ever happened to freedom of speech, You cant express your feelings about personal relationships anymore? Johhnny just might be issuing out a statement of apology along with a check  pretty soon, or maybe he can do like all the other artist who spew out a bunch of tweets against a particular target or targets, and then their publicist comes in to do damage control stating that their twitter account was hacked.

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Johnny I understand you, I would be furious too somebody messing with my money, howerver  she might have done you a favor. Sixteen years since last album, this might even get you enough free press that someone will actually go out and purchase your album.


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