J.R. Smith Twitter bashed K.Michelle


Baller rich spoiled kid J.R. Smith twitter bashed K. Michelle, stating that he’s single and he only wanted the cake and nothing more. It was all good just a week ago when the two were embarking on a steamy love affair. The on and off couple reunited and were seen out in public showing each other a whole lot of love in the club. K.Michelle fans were so happy about K finding love, but J.R. Smith kindly smothered that idea and took to twitter saying.


After she put her love on top, this jerk goes on twitter to say all of this and……..for what? Any woman who gets with him is either desperate or crazy. K. Michelle took it on the chin like a pro and responded like a strong wounded bird…..


Mjj says K lift and keep your head held high, your Knight in shining amour awaits you…Ladies know your self worth.

K.Michelle Says She’s Coming Back To L&HHATL For Season 2

K.Michelle sits down and chit chat with Madamenoire and spilled the tea

K.Michelle says she will be back on Love and Hip Hop ATL for the next season. She also wished a few choice people the best in what they do …..’I wish Toya (Wright) the best of luck, and I wish Miss Piggy (Tamar Braxton) the best of luck as well.’

She sat down for a chit chat with MadameNoire.com and spilled the tea, but not before it was fully brewed.

K.Michelle told MadameNoire.com we haven’t seen the last of her.

“I am coming back to ‘Love & Hip Hop’ for another season,” she confirms. But the big question is, have her and Rasheeda patched up their differences?

“I don’t think I’ll ever be cool with Rasheeda again because she adds no value to my life,” said K.Michelle, who seemed to get along with Rasheeda before the series hit the air.

After the abuse allegations against MeMpHiTz Wright in the series premiere, K.Michelle and Rasheeda have been dueling on opposing sides of the ring. K.Michelle asserts her claims are true, while Rasheeda supports her friend MeMpHiTz and his wife Toya who believe it’s all lies and demand proof.

However, K.Michelle has never changed her story, despite legal action that MeMpHiTz has taken against her saying,

“I’m just real big on being really ride or die. I don’t do things for TV shows.”

Knock, knock girlfriend, you are on a reality show.

As for Rasheeda, K.Michelle denies gossip that she’s just hatin’ on the rapper because she’s a happily married woman.

“Me being jealous of Rasheeda being a wife. No offense to Kirk [Frost], but he has three earring holes in his ear. That’s not the kind of husband that I want anyway,” she said

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Mjj says……..Say what you want about K. Michelle but at least she’s consistent. I bang with K, she doesn’t pull any punches and, has a hell of a kick back.


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