Kat Von D and Jesse James calling it quits? According to her tweets, Sadly to say that’s how it appears. Kat Von reality star L.A.Ink and Jesse James the brains behind West Coast Choppers broke off their engagement.


Boo-Hoo who can forget the scandal involving the two love birds and his wife at the time, Sandra Bullock messy, messy, messy.




Do you think he was cheating on Kat and that’s why they called it off? …….You know what they say” once a cheater always a cheater”. Kat is pouring out her heart tweeting Josh Rouse lyrics”It’s the Night time”

Honey did you think he was going to marry his mistress, SMH very few do.




Kat is a hot tamale  if you like the tatted up chicks, so I give her two months tops to pop up with a new Beau, in Hollywood time that’s a wedding and two funerals. I always say what goes around comes around


Karma is a