Kerry Washington Beat Like A Real Slave For Django Movie


Kerry Washington plays Jaime Fox wife in Django Unchained. Kerry explained how she received a real asz lashing, and how she slept in a hotbox (slave container) while filming. Kerry says it was worth it….the things actors have to endure for a dollar ……the price of fame.

via Radar Online

Django Unchained star Kerry Washington has revealed she almost lost her sanity while filming the controversial blockbuster movie.


Washington told The Los Angeles Times that the grueling eight month shoot nearly sent her over the edge.


“I felt like if it had gone on a week longer, I would have lost my mind,” declared the actress, who plays Jamie Foxx’s wife in the Quentin Tarantino-directed slavery-era epic.


Washington, who also stars as crisis manager Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal, found herself in a crisis of her own and asked her manager and her parents to visit her at Django’s Louisiana plantation set.


“I [usually] never let my people come visit me on set [because] I think it’s terribly distracting,” Washington said. “I don’t enjoy it but I asked [them] to come down because I was concerned for my sanity.”


Washington said during the movie shoot, she received real lashings from the actor playing her overseer. She also had to spend time in a “hot box” to get used to scenes in which her character, the slave Broomhilda, was imprisoned in an underground metal container.


But in the end, Washington felt it was all worth it because of the opportunity the film gave her to “honor the truth” of what happened during slavery.


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