Basketball Wives Big Santa Puts Bambi’s Trashy Naked Pics On Display

Bambi-basketball wives-la-i-am-compton-naked-coochie-pics

Bambi from Basketball Wives LA just got her asz handed to her by her so called ex-pimp by the name of slickback/Big Santa on the low, the gift giving n*gga Bambi and Brooke were fighting over on the show. Well Ho Ho Hoe Black Santa let it be known that all gifts are not given equally especially when you’re just a smash with a garbage coochie trap that’s literally wide open, [NSFW][click here to witness for yourself] you get the short end of the tricking stick.

Just when you thought hoes stay winning, here comes Slickback speaking out, wanting his five seconds of fame airing out his trick business, a b*tch slap heard across the internet by The Basketball Wives LA Big Santa According to 4umf 

Anyone who watched Basketball Wives this last season, saw the CONSTANT FIGHTING between Brooke and Bambi . . . over some “baller” who they call BIG SANTA.

Well BIG SANTA, who is a very respected BUSINESS MAN in the Los Angeles area reached out to, to straighten out a few things:

Black Santa Speaks,

First off, I’d like to state that I did not sign up for Basketball Wives LA. I was not a cast member, but somehow I have been made an unwilling participant in the Bambi/Brooke drama. I don’t owe the fans (of BBWLA) any response, but I would like to clear a few things up since it seems the truth has been stretched too far. Here are the facts…


1. I respect Brooke for trying to handle the situation with class, and not make the story or Bambi too relevant on the show, but she should’ve just told it like it was. Years ago, I dated Brooke, and was serious about her. Bambi was just a toss she found out about.


2. “Street dope boy”? NO!!!! I’ve been a private investor since 2004 on 4 existing businesses and multiple start-ups. I help people build or save their dreams. In 8 short years I’ve been blessed to have grown to where I am now. Yes, I’m a hustler, in the business world, and my money is clean. Not all money is Hollywood money, or drug money people. Grow up.


3. I am NOT a trick. I’m a real nigga like any other real nigga out here that works hard for the people I love. My lady represents me, and if she’s holding me down there’s nothing ima get for myself, that I won’t get for her too. Brooke was my lady, Bambi was not. If Bambi thinks the crumbs I threw her are worth bragging and creating a whole reality show story about, it just confirms the type of chick she is. Trash!


4. Brooke and I threw a big party. We flew all of Brooke’s friends in 1st class to host. We put them up in the Ritz Carlton, gave them their own VIP section with bottles. Bambi and her homegirl were also flown in, Coach. I put them at the Comfort Inn and stashed them in another section with my boys and gave them A bottle to share. FACTS. Was I wrong for having a toss at the same party as my lady? Yeah, Because I think Bambi saw the difference in how I treated her.That’s what kicked off this one-way drama between her and Brooke


5. Bambi took pictures with Brooke at the party and posted them online. I don’t know if she did it as a fan, to be funny, or to get under my skin. But she did it.


6. When Brooke hit up Bambi and found out she was my slide, Bambi hit me and asked me to change her name in my phone so she could keep talking to me. Niggas know, that is a sign she was a professional toss. NO main chick even thinks to do something like that.


7. I don’t know Malaysia. Never even met the chick. Her asking Brooke about my whereabouts was confusing and strange to me.


8. I’m flattered but also a bit offended at this “Black Santa” shit. Anyone who really knows me knows I have high standards and priorities. If I fucked with Bambi like that her, Black Santa’s first “present” would’ve been some porcelain veneers, then a better wardrobe. I wouldn’t even let an ex-lady of mine walk around like that.


9. If Bambi was looking for a “Black Santa” to upgrade her shoe game and invest in her music career, she DID NOT find that in me. I wife women that are already used to a certain level of luxury and are already established or investing in their own shit. Fly women that are gonna motivate me to go get it and share it with them. I don’t save or rescue ho ho hoes.


10. Bambi says she didn’t sleep with me. This is true. Well, actually, “I didn’t sleep with her” would be more accurate wording. And once you peep the pic of her p*ssy she sent me(attached) you’ll see why. Garbage!


There it is. It’s not my intention to expose that girl but she should have never misrepresented her position with me to gain fame on reality TV. I hope this brings some clarity and closure to this exaggerated ass story. But if I’m going to be labeled Black Santa, here are some gifts for you all. Pics of Bambi in all her glory. Happy Holidays!


Mjj says Never trust a black skinny Santa that puts you up in a rat motel, f*cks you over with cheap asz gifts, and then kiss and tell….shame on ya.

Big Santa said….it only took for one look at that coochie trap to know that it was repackaged garbage and that’s why he didn’t hit ….reeeooooooow

Basketball Wives LA Gloria Govan Allegedly Caught Up In A Hoe-tastrophe

glovia govan-caught-up-in-a-hoe-tastaphe-with-the-game-and-his-crew

Glovia Govan has got herself caught up in a hoe-tastrophe. Who wasn’t watching the Basketball Wives LA Part 1 Reunion show?  You already know what Bambi, her arched enemy was shouting about……sh**t if you been on twitter than this is just some extra details tying Matt Barnes wifey to the rapper Game and his whole Black Wall Street crew…….she was on some do me baby ish, allegedly banging n*ggas for hoodies smh.

via 4umf

If you watched Part 1 of the Basketball Wives LA reunion the other night you will definitely remember the reading Bambi gave Gloria Govan which left her in an awkward hush mode for at least 30 seconds. Bambi called Gloria out for sleeping with members of Black Wall Street (The Game‘s label) for BWS Sweatshirts. Unfortunately VH1 bleeped out Black Wall Street but make no mistakes…

Anyway, an anonymous reader tipped us off on a little more tea that may prove what we’ve been saying all along about Gloria and Black Wall Street is true.

Disclaimer: Baller Mails are submitted by our readers and are protected by federal statute 47 U.S.C. 230. can not confirm 100% accuracy of any story posted.

 A Source tells Baller Alert that members of Black Wall Street hold photo evidence of Gloria Govan’s philandering ways. In the photos and video, Gloria is seen in very compromising positions some of which she is wearing Black Wall Street sweatshirts. She is seen stripping in the photos as well. There are also nudes of Gloria. Everything is documented and Gloria has been told that if she ever said anything or tries to ruin Game’s relationship with Tiffany that the photos would be leaked.

This probably explains why every time someone brings it up (because it was also brought up in Season 1) Gloria is on hush mode. There are photos to prove Gloria was a Black Wall Street jump off and those photos have been shown to a LOT of people. Matt of course knows about it and when he confronted Game and asked Game how he would feel if it were Tiffany the source tells Baller Alert that Game says he has nothing to worry about, Tiffany is more concerned with her family than doing ho shit like Gloria.

Damn Gloria Hovan!! Cold world!

Mjj says, Undercover hoes, out in the open hoes, hoes bucking and clucking for fame and fortune …….all the same in my book. You can’t turn a hoe into a housewife without regrets and a cost…If you don’t believe me ask Chris Humphries.

The Real Super Head Joining The Cast Of Basketball Wives LA


Karrine Steffans aka Superhead rumored to be in negotiations with Vh1 to join the cast of Basketball Wives La. Is this the excitement needed to pull viewers back into the flow? Weeks ago twitter was engulfed in flames when Shaunie agreed the casting needed a little sprucing up, some of the crew, well the Govan’s fired back at Shaunie on twitter and then took it to the blogs.

Next we all were informed that the ladies were getting axed and the only chics left standing would be Draya and Jackie. Now, Superhead is suppose to be the fuel to keep the fire going. The added drama to keep the show alive. The claws would be long and sharp for the cat fights between Karrine and Draya, instigated by Jackie of course….I know this would definitely reel me in.

Karrine and Jackie are known friends which makes me asks what psych med is Karrine on, you have to be on something to deal with crazy asz Jackiefor the long run. It had to take more than Jackie to sweeten the deal. Karrine (Superhead) initially said no, but Karrine (the author) is about her bread, and Vh1 offered a hefty amount of dollars along with the opportunity to promote her 2nd or 3rd book.

Superhead is a kiss and tell girl so, can you imagine all the name drops and mini side stories she has to bring to mixers….pretty titillating I might add.


spoted @4umf

Shaunie Oneal Gives The Boot To Four Basketball Wives Of La

shaunie oneal-axed-four-chics-from-basketball-wives-la-that's-what-I-call-a-revamp

Shaunie is about her business, when she said she was going to revamp the VH1 Basketball Wives LA show, she meant kicking some of their azses to the curb. Four out of six gotta go.

I expected Laura and Gloria Govan but, Maylasia I thought was a sure winner even though she’s boring as all hell, she brings some sort of balance and she is actually a wife….not that, it matters any.

via Tmz


“Basketball Wives: L.A.” axed four of its six cast members — and TMZ has learned the catalyst was when Gloria Govan shut producers out of her nuptials to L.A. Lakers star Matt Barnes.


Sources connected to the show tell TMZ the producers are getting rid of Gloria, Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo and Brooke Bailey because the wives, especially Gloria, weren’t allowing “all of their reality to be filmed.”


We’re told the breaking point came when Gloria (who is known for her feisty ways) jetted off to Vegas to marry Barnes — and didn’t even let the show know about it. Our sources say the producers felt extremely disrespected by her actions and made the decision to clean house.


Our sources tell us the producers haven’t told the wives they’re getting fired yet, but are already looking for new women to fill their spots.


Draya Michele and Jackie Christie will be the only returning members.


Mjj says, All that ish Laura Govan was talking about Shaunie not having any control over the show, was just that chatter fallen by the waist side. Never bite the hand that feeds you, Shaunie had to show and prove who’s the boss….NEXT

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Jackie Christi Tells The Truth and Nothing………During An Interview

On Thursday March 31st 2011, Gumbumper sent out L.A based correspondent and African supermodel, Joyce Mandi to Sherman Oaks, California to interview the very beautiful, gracious, kind with a great personality, accomplished, talented, Jackie Christie who is a best-selling author, designer, manager, producer, humanitarian, entrepreneur, mother of three, and the wife of NBA star Doug Christie, among other things. Mrs. Christie shed a lot of light on her life and undertakings and that of her whole family.

Super woman, Jackie Christie

GB: So we at Gumbumper have heard a lot of things about you and we would like to quash the rumors and hear right from the horse’s mouth. So can you tell us who Jackie Christie really is?

Jackie Christie: Yes I’m an author, I’ve written four books. I’m on my 5th book and it’s called sexual relations. It’s a guide, a his and hers guide to finding greater intimacy. I get a lot of fans who write me and ask me what is the secret to a 16year marriage to an NBA star, so I thought I would write the book and talk about some of my secrets. I also have a series coming out, it’s called “Jackie Christie Knows Best”, and it’s a wed series. Me and my husband starred in “Committed” on BET, for two seasons. It’s a show of our life, a reality show and I have alot of businesses and people can go to to find out more about me.

GB: I understand you are also a designer. Did you make what you are wearing today?

Jackie Christie: Actually I didn’t. I have a new line that’s out in 2011 called the Jackie Christie Black Collection. And I’m not wearing my clothes today but I always do.

GB: So do you think you are misunderstood in any way? Like the things people say about you?

Jackie Christie: I think I’m very misunderstood because a lot of people are intimidated by me, they don’t know how to approach me, they think that I’m really mean and they heard rumors or stories that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

GB: Well I can confirm that you’re not mean; you’re the sweetest lady alive. I Met you once before and I remember how sweet you were. So I know that that is totally false.

Jackie Christie: Thank you. I really appreciate that. It makes me feel good when I meet people and they say “you’re nothing like what the rumors say or the stories that are out there”. And you know, I basically treat people how I want to be treated and once in a while, you get those people that want to try you and then you just put them in their place and it gets misconstrued.


GB: So how long have you and Doug been together?

Jackie Christie: Me and my husband have been together for17yrs now and we’ve been married 16 times.

GB: Oh Wow! Wait… wait, come again…

Jackie Christie: (laughs). Everybody is always shouting when they don’t know about it but yes, we get married every year and it’s a full wedding. Sometimes it’s just me and my husband, sometimes it’s the whole family. We’ve gotten married on cruises, in other countries, at our home; we do the whole dress ceremony, etc. We have a saying that if you’re always planning a wedding, then you don’t have time to plan a divorce.

GB: Wow! So is that the reason behind the remarrying every year?

Jackie Christie: Yeah! On top of that, he’s my best friend, I’m in love with him and I fall in love with him every year over and over again and why not marry him? It’s a family tradition and we plan to do it for the rest of our lives.

GB: And you have three kids, I understand?

Jackie Christie: Yes, we have three kids. We have two daughters and one’s name is Ta’kari and one is Chantell and we have a son named Doug Jr.

GB: And they’re all writers.

Jackie Christie: Yeah, they’re all writers.

GB: You think it’s in the genes. I mean, the mom is a best-selling author…

Jackie Christie: (laughs) Thank you. I think reading is a big thing in out household, writing as well. My husband is a writer, I’m a writer so all of us definitely write together and we write separately as well.

GB: How did your book, “No Ordinary Love” do?

To read the whole interviews and view more images go to

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NBA BALLER MATT BARNES who's searching for a team after his arrest

Matt Barnes aka b.b.a ~ is always talking ish, says he love cops *side eye* but, Manhattan beach cops hates his guts. He’s delusional to think the cops are trying to ruin his life, haha they couldn’t be so kind.

Matt must been on some ohh wee to think they would spend 2 hours let alone a couple minutes on his asz.

NBA star Matt Barnes tells TMZ … there’s one cop in Manhattan Beach, CA who simply doesn’t like him … and targeted him for TWO HOURS back in July in a plot to ruin Matt’s life.

Barnes — who’s now a free agent — was hangin’ at the beach last night when he told us, “Manhattan Beach doesn’t like me very much … I don’t know why they don’t like me, but they don’t like me.”

Barnes was referencing an incident on July 30 … when he was arrested on an outstanding traffic warrant. We’re told the arresting officer lurked near Matt’s car for two hours on the night of the arrest to make sure he didn’t miss the chance to arrest Barnes.

When asked if he thought he was being watched that night, Matt told us, “Someone waits outside your car for two hours … I would say that’s watching.”

Barnes explained that his beef isn’t with the entire Manhattan Beach PD … saying he “loves” the cops … and insists. “We’re not gonna let a couple of situations take us away from living our lives.”

As for Matt’s future in the NBA … Barnes says he’s speaking with multiple teams … adding, “Hopefully we’ll get this arrest situation out of the way so I can go ahead and move forward with my career.”

Mediajuicejoint- Manhattan beach cops hate his guts, well that makes two of us. Matt Barnes wifey could have made a better ball player, playing in high heels and a string bikini.





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Vanessa Bryant maybe the new edition to VH1 basketball wives of LA. Vanessa is the franchise, the poster girl that mop and glo’d Kobe’s ass during the divorce settlement she’s walking away with 3 mansions and 75 million dollars, Now, it’s a possibility that we will get to see just how bitchy they say she can be. According to TMZ:

Vanessa Bryant has become the Holy Grail for “Basketball Wives” producers … and TMZ has learned, the people behind the VH1 show are prepping to make her an offer she can’t refuse.


Multiple sources close to the production tell us, producers are putting together “an extremely lucrative pitch for Vanessa” … for her to become a recurring character.


As one source put it, “Vanessa has more than enough storyline and would bring the show to another level.”


As for the timing — we’re told producers never dreamed of approaching Vanessa while she was married to Kobe … and our sources say Vanessa would NOT have been receptive.


Budget constraints were also an issue when the show was in its infant stages — because producers knew Vanessa would be very expensive — but now that BW’s one of the highest rated shows on the network, producers have lots more to spend on talent.


If Vanessa accepts, we’re told producers would instantly make her a LEAD on the LA edition of the show.


Mediajuicejoint- I know she would be an asset to the show but, the question is do you think she will do it? Vanessa would be a great teacher like Jackie, instead of showing them how to keep a successful crazy marriage, Vanessa can show the girls how to marry, wait, and take….. half + child support.


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La Basketball wives reunion show was boring to say the least, I was amazed at how it was all about Jackie who is cookoo off her rockers. How can one old asz woman manipulate so many women in such a short period of time, and we talking grown women. The only one who really was trying to show a spine was Draya. She was so happy that for the first time she was a part of the clique, she was on the inside looking out and loving it. Wait… I have to give credit when it’s do I overlooked Gloria she was trying to get a couple of words in until Jackie shut her down with the Beotch shut the fu*k up , just zip it line and that was all she wote.

Laura looked sedated, but she placed one foot out of lala land for 10 seconds to talk about her off and on for good relationship and that ring. That ring was colossal and real talk how many kids does she have by Shaq Gilbert the grape 3 or 4, I would run back too……. Its hard out here, you see how she was forced to downsize and struggle just a little bit.. plus ballin is back hell maybe Gloria is on her way back to Matt B.A.B.A. I wouldn’t doubt it. I don’t care if  Matt tweets all day about the rapper Game  chopping down Gloria because he’s still chopping her down. Malaysa  giving Jackie a hug when she became emotional was very noble. Something about her I can relate to and have liked from the beginning especially after she cleaned Laura’s clock.

Imani just sat there like her spanx was cutting off all her supply and will to talk, and last but not least Doug and Jackie. I feel sorry for him it is crystal clear who wears the pants in that relationship some say there is nothing wrong with a hen pecked man. I disagree and I am going on record to say I like how they’re marriage is protrayed and unity and communication are key factors but a man is a man so man up Doug at least for the cameras. The ladies thought they were victimized but wow when I think that he’s been manipulated for 16 years that’s what I call total mind f*cking to the highest power. How many ladies are looking for their Dougie?

Here goes one of the highlights of the reunion show check it out and Njoy

John did his thang this time, he got all his digs in and it was orchestrated just right.


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