Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3 Months In Jail For Tax Evasion

lauryn hill-sentenced-to-3-months-for-tax-evasion

Grammy Award Winner Lauryn Hill was sentenced yesterday to 3 months in a tiny 4×4 cell for tax evasion after satisfying 900k+ of the 1.8 million dollar tax debt to the IRS. Well slap me silly and call me Susan…..I didn’t see that coming, hell neither did Ms.Hill.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Madeline Cox Arleo in Newark, N.J. federal court also sentenced the famed rapper and actress to three months of home confinement with electronic monitoring after the prison term. Hill must also serve a year of supervised release and pay a $60,000 fine in addition to paying her tax debt to the IRS. There’s New Jersey’s taxpayer’s dollars being put to work, even after Hill paid $970,000 to satisfy the $1 million owed in taxes.


Hill told the judge she lives “very modestly” considering how much money her music — she has sold 16 million records — earned for other people.


“Someone did the math, and it came to around $600 million,” she said. “And I sit here before you trying to figure out how to pay a tax debt? If that’s not like enough to slavery, I don’t know.”


“This wasn’t a life of jet-setting glamour,” she said. “This was a life of sacrifice with very little time for myself and my children.”


“Although Hill pleaded guilty to charges specifically related to those tax years, her sentence also takes into account additional income and tax losses for 2008 and 2009 — when she also failed to file federal returns — along with her outstanding tax liability to the state of New Jersey, for a total income of approximately $2.3 million and total tax loss of approximately $1,006,517,” the prosecutor said.


Hill’s attorney, Nathan Hochman, did bring up an interesting thought in an interview with CNN:


“I think the government has let a number of celebrities off and never criminally prosecuted them, Willie Nelson being at least one example,” he said. “I think that the court took that into account as well. Ms. Hill did not get a slap on the wrist and let off with just paying a certain amount of money but has had to go through this entire criminal prosecution.”


Willie Nelson and Nicholas Cage, both of whom owe over $10 million in back taxes, got off with payment plans.


Hill is tentatively scheduled to begin her prison term July 8. It was not immediately clear where she would serve the sentence.

Mjj says, Hopefully through the appeal process, Ms. Hill will be able to get this sentenced overturned………..

The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill.


Lauryn Hill Avoids Jail Time By Paying Her Tax Debt

Lauryn Hill avoids jail time by paying her tax debt before her sentencing

Grammy Award Winner Lauryn Hill avoids jail time for tax evasion by paying her debt before sentencing. Lauryn is scheduled for sentencing today in Newark New Jersey. Hill owed 1.8 mill for unpaid taxes for 05-07. You can run, but you can’t hide from Uncle Sam.

The singer, who is scheduled for sentencing today on federal tax evasion charges, has paid off the balance of more than $900,000 she owed in back taxes and penalties, her attorney said on Sunday.

Hill is scheduled for sentencing in U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey on three charges she failed to file tax returns on more than $1.8 million between 2005 and 2007.

She faces up to a year in jail for each charge, but the final sentence is expected to be adjusted based on her repayment of the money, her attorney said.

She owed at least $504,000 in federal back taxes as well as state taxes and penalties that brought the estimated total to more than $900,000.

“Ms Hill has not only now fully paid prior to sentencing her taxes, which are part of her criminal restitution, but she has additionally fully paid her federal and state personal taxes for the entire period under examination through 2009,” her attorney, Nathan Hochman, said in an email.

Mjj says Hill came up with that bread without record sales, however her first single since this fiasco was dropped Sunday called Neurotic available on iTunes……..I’m not a fan of this new ish.

Check it out for yourself and weigh in

Thank God she didn’t have to depend on record sales


Lauryn Hill More Legal Woes To Face

lauryn hill-evicted-from-mansion

Lauryn Hill is having a bad year with more legal woes to face, this time it’s in the form of an eviction. Lauryn who is like the little old lady in the shoe who had so many children she didn’t know what to do…..well Lauryn and her Brady bunch resided in a rented mansion and as of last month she stopped paying rent.

Ms. Hill is facing possible jail time for tax invasion so paying rent when you have no idea if you’re going to be issued a state number for the next few years is a lot on one person’s plate.

Grammy Award-winning R&B legend Lauryn Hill is being sued for eviction … the good news, she’s probably going to prison so she won’t need that place anyway.

Lauryn’s been renting a South Orange, New Jersey mansion since 2009. Things went south when she stopped paying rent last month, so her landlord ran to court and filed a legal ultimatum — pay your rent NOW, or get out.

Lauryn hasn’t paid, so the eviction lawsuit is now full steam ahead.

Lauryn will be sentenced next week for tax fraud. She pled guilty and now faces several years in federal prison.

Nothing like moving from a big house to the big house.


Mediajuicejoint - Lauryn Hill should be thinking about a master plan, she can still make money from a jail cell, hope and pray the judge have mercy.

Lauryn Hill Begs For Mercy


Lauryn Hill begs for mercy from IRS as she should, hell she’s facing major fines and imprisonment. Lauryn is trying to cop an insanity plea stating she went in hiding due to threatening voices and visions after she hit it big in the late 90′s with 1.8 million unaccounted for and no money to pay ….hope there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Lauryn Hill claims she stiffed Uncle Sam on a massive tax bill for the same reason she fell off the map after the ’90s — scary threats to her and her family.


Lauryn just filed legal docs asking for mercy before her sentencing later this month, claiming there was a good reason she failed to file tax returns for 2005, ’06 and ’07 … when she earned a total of more than $1.8 million. She already pled guilty and faces several years in prison.


According to docs … Lauryn stopped paying taxes “when she withdrew from society at large due to what she perceived as manipulation and very real threats to herself and her family.”


She’s not specific about the threats — but it’s a new explanation for her mysterious disappearance from the music scene after her rise to fame in the ’90s.


Lauryn previously claimed she went underground to get back in touch with her musical roots.


Lauryn’s asking the court to consider a bunch of other factors before her sentencing — including her claim that she can pay off the debt much faster if she’s not behind bars.


Lauryn is begging for probation. A judge will be merciful — or not — on April 22.



Who Is Lauryn Hill’s Other Baby Daddy?

Lauren Hill's  Baby daddy is a mystery

Wyclef Jean has a book coming out tomorrow and in it talks about what really broke up The Fugees and the fact that Lauryn made him believe that her oldest son was his. But on the other side, Rohan Marley (the son of Bob Marley) is saying they broke up for the same reason.


Wyclef writes, “In that moment something died between us. I was married and Lauryn and I were having an affair, but she led me to believe that the baby was mine, and I couldn’t forgive that.” He continues by adding, “She could no longer be my muse. Our love spell was broken.”


I find this quite interesting. In knowing people that work at Lauryn’s son’s high school here NJ, he gets sent on regular trips to Jamaica, and knows ‘that side’ of his family… Mmmmmm, will it ever be figured out?

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Lauryn Hill is in another lawsuit, first it was one of the musician claiming he didn’t get paid for his performance in Ms. Hill’s 2007 European Tour. Now according to TMZ a fashion stylist has filed a claim in LA County Superior Court stating that Lauryn broke a prior arrangement with Via Davia Vintage who provided Hill with an entire wardrobe of high fashion items for the 2007 European Tour. Hill agreed to pay a fixed weekly fee for 4 weeks. Hill allegedly kept the clothes for 3 months, returned some of the clothing items, and kept all of the good stuff, smh typical Diva. To make matters worse she didn’t keep up with her weekly payment arrangements.

I know Ms.Hill is under a lot of duress due to her off and on tumultuous affair with Rohan Marley. Lately things just haven’t been looking to good for the Diva, with all the obvious breakdowns she has suffered. I hope she is able to pull it together, I miss the old Lauryn  Hill. I wish someone could dig up Dionne Warwick, so she can channel that once upon a time wise Lauryn Hill. You know, the Lauryn before she found Dexter St.Jock swinging from a tree Hill. Please bring her back.


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LAUREN HILLCongratulations to Ms Hill she gave birth to baby number six, however this baby isn’t a Marley. Hill has been in the tabloids over the  years, just can’t  seem to get enough of the headlines about her off and on relationship with Rohan Marley son of Legendary Bob Marley.

It’s been so many rumors about Rohan being a womanizer, sexing up one of Ms. Hill’s close friends, and  running between Hill and his estranged wife. However Hill never had much to say to the press about her personal roller coaster affair.

I always enjoyed Hill’s music one that stands out is “girl you know you better watch out cause girl some guys are only about that thing that thiiing” hell she should have been listening to her own lyrics I’m just saying having five babies and no ring = he just wanted that thing, but what do I know  I could be wrong.

Girl I really hope you get it together because I am your biggest fan