Lil Kim Launches Her 12 Days of Christmas Contest Get In where You Fit In

Lil Kim-xmas-campaign-via-twitter

Lil Kim just launched her 12 Days Of Christmas contest via twitter. Tis is the season for giving and she plans to do just that for her special twitter followers, and you too once you hit the follow button, so go run tell dat. The giveaway contest started yesterday and Kim tweeted her very first gift….a pic never seen before (photo shopped of course) autographed with xoxo’s by no other than, you guessed it The Notorious Kim.

Kim has dropped Mr. Papers so she’s lonely in NYC, so keep her company via twitter for the holidays. What better way to get your twitter followers up by having a twitter contest damn, I should have thought of that one. Desperately seeking Kim can you drop a half decent album on day eleven so you can have twitter razzled and dazzled on day 12. Can you pull that rabbit out of your hat/weave?

Lil Kim Performs At Fashion Week

Lil Kim fashion week in ny looking nice and right rocking her blonde lace front

Lil Kim was styling and profiling at Fashion Week In NYC. She was also the surprised guest performer who blazed the stage of Webster’s Hall. Kim lit it up for Opening Ceremony’s 10th Anniversary Party performing her Oldies but Goodies.



Check It Out Below…………


Tell Mjj your thoughts!!!!!!!
photo credit: Opening Ceremony

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LIL kim smiling from ear to ear with her new boo thang Mr. Papers

Lil Kim has been spotted with her new love, just when you thought she wanted that old thing Maino back, she switch up her pitch and she’s busting out with her new boo thang Mr. Papers, and ladies he is some kinda fine. Kim you done good on this one, and he claiming you too…Cudo’s

Check him Out he got that tatted rugged look……

Lil Kim and Mr. Papers looking good in a blue short shorts

Don’t they look cute all coupled up?


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Lil Kim talks Nicki Minaj and their beef

Lim Kim talks about Nicki Minaj on The Breakfast Club love her blonde hair and dark sunglasses looking like a real diva

Lil Kim was on The Breakfast Club and breaks it down about the Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim Beef. She talks about how Nicki Minaj stole her sound and her style.

Lil Kim tells you how she really feel about Nicki calling her catty, obnoxious, and overrated…well I be damned.

Lil Kim says that the HBIC Nicki never paid homage and how all the new upcoming chicks think dissing Lil Kim will help them move two steps forward and she’s shutting them down.

During the interview the picture was painted that their silly asz beef originator is Lil Wayne’s Daddy….. Baby.

Believe It or Not?

Check out the interview below

Did this beef spark other rappers in their infancy stage to come at Lil Kim’s neck?

Is it time for the beef to be over…..are you over it already?


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Lil Kim Attends Bet’s Rip the Runway

Lil Kim on the Bet's red carpet looking scary as ever

Lil Kim performed at Bet’s Annual Rip the Runway, and I have to say she looks scary riffic, prime example of plastic surgery over kill. She performed a few old tracks along with her new single “If you love me”.

Lil Kim is on that Rise of the Titans…. Dinosaur style, if she can repackage the old Lil Kim in her Get Money days……and it’s going to take more than fillers in her face and asz then, I am all for fossils making a comeback…….Do you truly think she’s Nicki Minaj competition?

Lil Kim on BET's Stage Rocking Rip The Runway

Do You Like The Look ……Weigh In


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