VH1′s Love & Hip Hop NY Cast Are Officially On Strike


Love & Hip Hop NY cast are officially on strike. Half of the cast didn’t show up for taping of next season’s trailer. Contract renegotiation isn’t quite complete, as a matter of fact more money and more control is at the forefront of this debacle.

Do you think Mona Scott will budge and cave in to their demands, or is there time left on the clock for replacements?

According to Tmz Big trouble on the set of VH1′s “Love & Hip Hop, New York” … TMZ has learned, the stars of the show are refusing to go to work … and it’s all because they think they’re getting shafted in contract negotiations.


Sources close to the show tell us, all cast members were supposed to be present Tuesday in NYC to film a trailer for the upcoming season, but only half of the cast showed up. The other half stayed home in protest because negotiations for their new contracts had gone sour.


We’re told the half that did show up then got upset … believing they too were entitled to revised contracts … and stormed off.


We’re told most of the cast members want more money — as much as double their last contract — but there are other problems too … some are pissed at how they were portrayed last season and they want more say in what footage gets aired.


We’re told emergency meetings have since been called with the angry cast members … and they’re hoping to get what they want by the end of the week.


If they don’t … we’re told the cast members plan to stick to their guns and continue their strike for as long as necessary. We reached out to VH1 for comment — so far, no word back.


 Mediajuicejoint- I’m quite sure they can find more washed up rappers, wannabe models, and a few groupie chicks to get the highest ratings….Mona Scott Big Pimpin


Video Of Rich Dollaz Getting Arrested


Video tape of Rich Dollaz from LAHH getting arrested in Memphis has surfaced. As we told you two weeks ago about Rich trying to dodge a paternity test and getting arrested while trying to finish an interview, the tape adds humor to his situation.

The usual d*ckhead attitude was visual but soon changed once the po-po picked his asz up and he comes face to face with his allegedly baby mom. Damn when someone say they coming for you, she actually meant that ish…….check out the video.


spotted @MTE

Love and Hip Hop Season 3 Epi 1


Love and Hip Hop Season 3  premiered last night and it was all that it promised to be. The new love fiasco with Joe and Tahiry was as good as it gets move over Joseline and Stevie, The real takeover Joe and Tahiry has set up shop with a tumultous view. Love and Hip Hop Season 3  should be renamed…  The Joe and Tahiry Crazy asz love story.

This damn season is all about relationship, couple therapy Rich Dollaz Erica Mena and the meddler Olivia. I must admit it did capture my interest but it always seemed to fade when Olivia entered the scene. When they revamped the show Mona made one mistake, she kept Delusional Olivia on…talking about messing up her brand?

Yandy needs to slow her role and let her little man be a man, I’m all for a woman being strong and codependent but Yandy comes off too overbearing, gurl fall back and take the passenger seat, the one with the extra wheel just in case.

The things we do for love all plays out on this show In case you missed it check it out below commercial free.

Truth and Truth…..Did Joe and Raqi Thunda get it in?????

Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz Engaged


Erica Mena and Rich Dollaz co stars of the hit show Love and Hip Hop met on set, fell in love, and got engaged all within a blink of an eye…Are you thinking what I’m thinking…. Spin Off , well I’m quite sure that’s what they want but do we find them interesting enough to devote 30 minutes a week to the couple if their wish is granted?

The couple’s relationship will play out in the upcoming season of the Mona Scott production Love and Hip Hop minus the Jones. Wondering what’s Olivia’s reaction, could have sworn her and Rich had a thing or two going on behind the scenes and closed doors…..well any who Congrats to the newly engaged couple ….the stunts, the fuckery, and the foolery …just wait and see.






Raqi Thunda and Tahiry Fighting Over Joe Budden?????

raqi-thunda-tahiry-love-and-hip-hop-ny-season-32joe budden-tihary-love-and-hip-hop-ny-season-3-cast

Tahiry and Raqi Thunda rumored to have come to fist and blows over Joe Budden. Well that’s the water cooler talk of the week. Radio personality Raqi claims that she and Joe are platonic friends without benefits (lies) and Tahiry and Joe are homie lover friends with benefits, which leads me to ask….. where does his current girlfriend Kalin fit it?


The ladies love their Budden but 2 of the foursome has had enough and decided to handle it like hood rats do throwing punches and pulling weaves, well Mona Scott hasn’t stop with the ratchetness , as if you thought she would. Fighting fit for TV for the ladies just in time for the show’s premiere…..

Check out the trailer below….hope this season doesn’t disappoint like the last season of La Basketball Wives



Love And Hip Hop NY Season 3 Trailer


Love and Hip Hop NY Season 3 is right around the corner and even though they’ve dropped their main characters, they are still trying to keep up with the Jones. Rapper Joe Budden and his girlfriend past, present, and both of the same Tahiry and all that asz, his new boo he flaunts along Tahiry’s replacement, what’s her name?

Rapper Consequence and his industry becky Jen the Pen made the cut. Emily and Somaya followed the Jones and made their exit while dry asz Olivia is still hanging on by a thread. Rich and Mena are a couple irking the ish out of Olivia who the rumor mill says tension tension and more tension erupts because Olivia is his past smash and Erica Mena is the new new.

Yandy is back on her paper chase of course along with a number of other key players that brings the drama check out the new trailer

Love & Hip Hop New York Season 3 Trailer | Video by Get_Heard
Will you be bringing in the New Year with your weekly dose of ratchetness?
if so tune in Monday Jan 7, 2013 @ 8pm EST
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Joseline Celebrate Her Birthday At The Jungle

steebie j-grabbing-a-handful-of-joseline-asz

Joseline Love and Hip Hop Atl star just celebrated her 26th birthday at The Jungle a transgender club which was fitting if I must say so myself, and she had her beau Steebie right by her side as her escort….I have to wonder who’s throwing the D better, anywho the party looked like a freak fest a place to be, hosted by Deelishis from Flavor Of Love .

Deelishis host Joseline 's love and hip hop atl 26 th b-day party

Joseline know damn well her asz turned 26 a long time ago, but we gone give her a pass for that one. Steebie was pimplicious on the scene as he posed for pics with all the lovely Mantas and beautiful women in ATL. The birthday cake was shaped as (Steebie’s) large size cockatoo and Joseline aka birthday girl was the first one to take a long lick and a soft bite of that thick sized dingalang….cake-cake-cake.

steevie J penis -cake-cake-cake


For more exclusive images head on over to FreddyO…

Can Chrissy Keep Up With The Jones’

chrissy jones keeping up

Reality shows are a huge success and taking over TV! VH1 has again scored with Hip Hop fans and aired their new show Chrissy and Mr. Jones, a spin off from Love and Hip Hop. Originally VH1 approached Jim Jones about doing a reality show based on him but instead Jim decided to make a show based around Chrissy, his long time girlfriend. Chrissy, Emily and Olivia were all cast and appeared to be really good friends.


As we all watched the drama unfold last season it became clear Chrissy was the boss and pulled a plug on Yandy’s checks as promised, decided to show Olivia what riding on the fence would get you as she wasn’t mentioned at all in the show and that the other cast members were easy to forget! However a few questions remain…

chrissy jkeeping up


Will there ever be a Mr. & Mrs. Jones? The first episode of Chrissy and Mr. Jones prove they can carry the show alone! No mention of the drama from previous seasons or the cast members but now the question is were the others the issue! The couple want the relationship to work and love each other but this season promises to reveal the difficulties of getting it right. Eight years into the relationship, 2 engagements, 2 previous seasons and still no wedding bells…not even a date set, no baby and still no 15% of Jim’s clothing business! Is Jim’s proposal just an installment plan? Wonder what Yandy has to say!

The two stars of the show stopped by Hot 97 to talk about the upcoming season of Chrissy & Mr.Jones.

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