Academy Award-winning “Precious” actress Mo’Nique is suing her landlords in Georgia — demanding she be let out of her $22,000-a-month rental contract …because her house smells like dog feces.

Mo’Nique filed the papers in Fulton County in response to her landlords’ lawsuit — which claims the actress bailed on her two-year lease agreement, signed in March, and owes $370,000 in unpaid rent and other charges.

But Mo says it’s all crap … literally … insisting there’s a damn good reason she’s walking out on the rental contract — the house stinks of dog feces, wet dog, and urine (of unknown origin) … not to mention an overflowing septic tank.

But it doesn’t end there — according to Mo’Nique, the house also had a bad mold problem and the security gate was busted.

Mo’Nique claims she struck a verbal agreement with the landlords, allowing her to renege on her contract with 60 days notice because of all the problems — but Mo’ claims her landlords aren’t living up to their word.

It’s unclear if Mo’Nique has since moved out. Calls to both sides have not been returned



MEDIAJUICEJOINT- Talk about unsanitary living conditions …….That’s what I call a whole shitty mess Ewwww

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Mo’Nique Show on Hiatus


The Monique show may not endure another season. Seems that Mo and the Execs have not been seeing eye to eye. This show was one of the best shows airing on Bet. Mo was like the Black Oprah at night. I hope top execs come to their senses because she is hella funny and  charismatic.


I hope she can move to another network if this one does not pan out. When you have strong sistas who appears to be opinionated something or someone always try to silence them. I have a strong feeling that this will not be the last of her. Mo if you gotta go then go I am quite sure other networks will scoop you up.

I know somebody’s spot you should take, I ‘m going to just throw out a hint  He announced a few days ago about running for Governor I say” Dont wait five years to run for Governor hang up your late night shoes and run now”.