Aaron McGruder Is Asking His Fans To Help Fund An Uncle Ruckus Film


Are you a Boondocks fan? If so Aaron McGruder the creator of the hit show is trying to raise funds to jump start a project of interest. A Live Action Movie spin-off starring the crazy character Uncle Ruckus the black man that hates the color of his own skin….White Jesus.

According to Eur Aaron McGruder is working on a live action movie spin-off of his cartoon “The Boondocks” and he’s hoping to raise the funds from fans online, reports WENN.

McGruder has been planning a version of the comedy centered around self-hating handyman Uncle Ruckus, voiced by “Weeds” actor Gary Anthony Williams, but instead of shopping the project to film executives at Sony Studios, which produces “The Boondocks,” the creator is turning to fans to help him reach his target of $200,000.

A message posted on the Kickstarter.com crowd funding site on Wednesday reads: “There’s always been interest in a live-action Boondocks movie, which to me was out of the question considering Huey and Riley are essentially impossible to cast. The animated feature would cost around 20 million, but a live action Uncle Ruckus movie could cost a fraction of that.

“So just for the hell of it we had the costume made and it was pretty amazing. To see Gary actually transform into Uncle Ruckus… It’s quite the surreal experience. I never expected the transition to be so completely seamless.”

In exchange for donations, fans have been offered merchandise from the show, including T-shirts, DVDs, posters and photos.

At press time, the film already had 319 investors, raising more than $11,300. The campaign ends on March 1.


Mjj says The minimum contribution is a dollar, for exchange of some form of merchandise….Let’s make this happen!!!!!!

Kerry Washington Beat Like A Real Slave For Django Movie


Kerry Washington plays Jaime Fox wife in Django Unchained. Kerry explained how she received a real asz lashing, and how she slept in a hotbox (slave container) while filming. Kerry says it was worth it….the things actors have to endure for a dollar ……the price of fame.

via Radar Online

Django Unchained star Kerry Washington has revealed she almost lost her sanity while filming the controversial blockbuster movie.


Washington told The Los Angeles Times that the grueling eight month shoot nearly sent her over the edge.


“I felt like if it had gone on a week longer, I would have lost my mind,” declared the actress, who plays Jamie Foxx’s wife in the Quentin Tarantino-directed slavery-era epic.


Washington, who also stars as crisis manager Olivia Pope on ABC’s Scandal, found herself in a crisis of her own and asked her manager and her parents to visit her at Django’s Louisiana plantation set.


“I [usually] never let my people come visit me on set [because] I think it’s terribly distracting,” Washington said. “I don’t enjoy it but I asked [them] to come down because I was concerned for my sanity.”


Washington said during the movie shoot, she received real lashings from the actor playing her overseer. She also had to spend time in a “hot box” to get used to scenes in which her character, the slave Broomhilda, was imprisoned in an underground metal container.


But in the end, Washington felt it was all worth it because of the opportunity the film gave her to “honor the truth” of what happened during slavery.


Mjj says, Damn Kerry going after that Oscar, hell Halle had to sleep with old dirty Billy Bob in order to get hers, Denzel had to become a got damn glorified gangsta, and Kerry a slave getting that asz tore up by her Masta…smh



Scary Movie 5 Trailer Hilarious


Scary Movie 5 Trailer has been released and although Lindsay Lohan isn’t happy with the final take this ish is hilarious. They got all of hollyweird playing on all the hype, misconceptions, and attacking some real issues head on, but of course making light of them.

According to Huffpost A new trailer has been released for the upcoming “Scary Movie 5″ — take a look above.


Poking fun at the prolific “Paranormal Activity” franchise, the trailer for “Scary Movie 5″ shows Ashley Tisdale video chatting with a friend when a spooky presence enters her home.


The much-hyped appearance of Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan in the film is highlighted in the trailer. Sheen and Lohan are shown in bed together before Sheen is dragged off by the spirits in the house. In the midst of his struggle, he remarks, “I’ve come back from worse than this.”


“Scary Movie 5″ also stars Heather Locklear, Molly Shannon, Kate Walsh, and Katt Williams. The movie hits theaters April 19, 2013.

See You At The Movie Theater??????

Katt Williams To Star In ‘Scary Movie 5′

Katt Williams to star in scary movie 5 along side truobled past cast members Tyson,Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan...a must see

The crazier you are the more sought out you become in Hollywood. Katt Williams to star in Scary Movie 5 alongside an all star troubled cast……Mike Tyson, Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen, and Lindsay Lohan, but she’ll drop out before the fat lady sing.

I will be enthused to see another installment completed. I gather it would be similar to the holiday parties when your alcohol dependent co workers get together and show their aszes.

Only one possible cast member is missing….Faizon Love . If they can re-enact the scene from the nightclub when Katt allegedly brandished an unloaded gun …The Directors would have a guaranteed block buster hit.

spotted @ The Hollywood Reporter.com

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Halle Berry and Terrence Howard In A New Trailer “Movie 43″


Halle Berry and fine asz Terrence Howard is coming to the big screen again. They’re apart of an all star cast for “Movie 43″. You have to check out the trailer to this, the clips are insanely inappropriate and funny as hell.

via Deadline

Film makers Peter Farrelly, Charles Wessler and John Penotti, Ryan Kavanaugh and Tucker Tooley–assembled such a killer cast of directors and actors for these completely inappropriate comic vignettes. The final cast, in alphabetical order: Elizabeth Banks, Kristen Bell, Halle Berry, Leslie Bibb, Kate Bosworth, Gerard Butler, Bobby Cannavale, Kieran Culkin, Josh Duhamel, Anna Faris, Richard Gere, John Hodgman, Terrence Howard, Hugh Jackman, Johnny Knoxville, Justin Long, Stephen Merchant, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace Moretz, Chris Pratt, Liev Schreiber, Seann William Scott, Emma Stone, Jason Sudeikis, Uma Thurman, Naomi Watts, and Kate Winslet.

Relativity Media will release it January 25. Here’s a Red Band trailer:

Before you go any further Warning this is a NSFW video clip

Mjj wants to know …..was this ish freakishly hella funny, a blockbuster hit for sure….weigh in

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Won’t Back Down Movie Review


What would you do if your dyslexic child attended a failing school and you couldn’t afford to move or pay for private school?

Set in Pittsburgh, Won’t Back Down is inspired by true events of parents taking control of a public school through a recently passed law. The Parent Trigger law, which was passed in California and other states in 2010, permits parents to petition to enforce administrative overhaul and overrule administrators in failing public schools. If successful, petitions allow for parents to direct changes like the curriculum or dismissal of staff and it allows the potential conversion of a school to a charter school.

For the full movie review, head over to4UMF.com!

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Movie Review: “The Words” starring Bradley Cooper & Zoe Saldana…

RapHead.com- If you have an appreciation for literacy, art, and creativity, from the outside looking in “The Words” may have be worth a few hours of your life. If your a Zoe Saldana fan one may also think this is the flick worth checking out over the weekend! Eh, not so much in our opinion. At the end of the day, this movie fell way short of our expectations.


From the start of the film all the way to the end we felt detached from the movie as well as the characters. In our opinion its safe to say the casting director dropped the ball on this. We have nothing against Bradly Cooper but this character was definitely not for him. We did not believe that he was this passionate writer and loving husband of his Latina Princess. We did not believe that he was sorry for pulling a jack move on this old mans book. We believed for 5mins. that he was upset that he did not turn out to be this great writer that he thought he would grow up to be. We were not the only ones either, there were a few times in the theater where people were chuckling at scenes that were supposed to be “serious”. Not a good look.

Now you have Zoe who is now just “there” because she is obviously feeding off of the main characters energy. Their relationship didn’t seem real, they didn’t seem “together”, more like two people just acting like they are in a relationship because they are being paid to do so.




We are fans of Zoe, but why she was the chosen Black/Latina women we will never know?! Well yes we will let us take that back…The reason why she only gets with white guys in films is because Hollywood RARELY gives lead roles to young black actors in movies like this. Hollywood loves exotic looking girls like Saldana. That my RapHeads is why you see her ONLY dating and taking roles with her being the token “Black” Wifey/Girlfriend. Good for her – Don’t Hate.


Read more @ Red Head

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Jordin Sparks channels her diva side gracing the sparkle poster in her red form fitting dress

American Idol winner Jordin Sparks gracefully covers the “Sparkle” poster. This highly anticipated movie is coming to theaters August 27th. A remake of the 1976 music-themed film of the same title, “Sparkle” was inspired by the story of The Supremes.

It follows the journey of the three Williams sisters, who begin singing in Harlem in the late 1950 before finding fame as a girl group. Their sudden rise, however, unravels their personal lives.

Jordin Sparks takes on the titled character, once played bY Irene Cara. This movie has a star studded cast consisting of Mike Epps, Omari Hardwick, Cee-Lo Green, Carmen Ejogo, Tika Sumpter and Derek Luke.

This is also Whitney Houston’s last role, and to see her on the silver screen and hear The Voice is exciting. I watched the trailer while waiting for Think Like A Man and everyone in the theater buzzed about “Sparkle“, and how it’s going to be an blockbuster hit.

spotted @ TheYBF

Check out the trailer below

Will You Be  Front & Center To See “Sparkle”???

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