Lil Wayne Refuses To Touch Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne -nicki-minaj-steamy-high-school-video

Nicki Minaj embodies sexiness through out the entire “High School” video, but no matter how good she looked Lil Wayne her love interest in the video refused to touch her…….out of respect for his creation. Nicki spilled the tea about the making of the video, how uncomfortable Weezy was and how she had to give the ok for him to touch.


Their brother and sister image and the respect they have for one another made the makings extremely weird Nicki said, but the final outcome as steamy as it is…….it’s something to see over and over again….damn sex sure does sell and Nicki and those cakes didn’t leave much to the imagination.


Check it out Below it’s racy for sure ……….Njoy


Eve She Bad Bad New Video


Philly rapper Eve just dropped a new visual for her single She Bad Bad. The illest pit-bull in a skirt can spit them bars no doubt, and the song has a catchy feel that makes you wanna dutty wind.

The video lacks visual captivity but at this point her fans have waited patiently for so long who cares……Eve is back and putting other female rappers to shame. All you gimmicky rappers find a good ghostwriter and get your bars up.

Eve’s highly anticipated album Lip Lock is due to hit stores in the later part of 2013.

SUNN Drops New Video “Please Excuse Me”


Sunn just dropped a brand spanking new hot video for his single “Please Excuse Me’. Video directed by Steven D. Gayle for SoundLOY Productions, LLC. Assistant Director: Uriyah.

Check it out below and Njoy the video.

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NoClue And Eighty4 Fly – Gotham City Video

No Clue and Eighty 4 Fly Brand Spanking New Video Gotham City, check it out it will blow your mind

No Clue and Eighty 4 Fly new video Gotham City. Check it below

Get more information about this artist  via  Supreme

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Im Feeling Myself

1000 Bars- Im Feeling Myself Skibblr Promo 1000 Bars- Im Feeling Myself Skibblr Promo

1000 Bars- Im Feeling Myself Skibblr Promo 1000 Bars- Im Feeling Myself Skibblr Promo



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DJ Paul Wit Tha Sh*t New Video Inside

DJ Paul “Wit Tha Sh*t” x “Balls & Boobs” #APersonOfInterest NYC Vlog 1

DJ Paul “Wit Tha Sh*t” x “Balls & Boobs” #APersonOfInterest NYC Vlog 1

DJ Paul “Wit Tha Sh*t” x “Balls & Boobs” #APersonOfInterest NYC Vlog 1

DJ Paul “Wit Tha Sh*t” x “Balls & Boobs” #APersonOfInterest NYC Vlog 1

DJ Paul “Wit Tha Sh*t” x “Balls & Boobs” #APersonOfInterest NYC Vlog 1


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WorthWhyle Drops A Dose of Pittsburgh Hip Hop on Rap…

WorthWhyle Drops A Dose of Pittsburgh Hip Hop on Rap... – Worth Whyle was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Now at the age of 24, he has been rapping now for 11 years. Of those 11 years he has had 6 years of studio experience. He has recorded at several different professional recording studios, including ID LABS, Playa Proud Studios, and Rovalike Studios. However he now calls ID LABS his home. His debut mixtape “The Legacy Continues” was officially released on June 10, 2011.

WorthWhyle Pittsburgh Hip Hop on Rap...


You can download it for free Click Here… He is now working on his second mixtape which is still undetermined on the name and is slated to drop in the second quarter of 2012. So far he is unsigned to any label whether major or independent. He represents ANTUKS, Jordan Beckham Photography, and Playa Proud just to name a few. He has been performing shows for 4 years now, and has opened for major acts such as GLC (Good Music), 1st String (Desert Storm), The Real Rick Ross, & Bone Thugs -N- Harmony. Stay on the lookout for his name, for it will be all over the place very soon!


Check out Worth Whyle’s website at

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Bad Boys Of Dance Poetry In Motion

Bad Boys Of Dance

Bad Boys of Dance “Just Playing Around”

(@BoonLeague @jamzboyy @TimmySimmy @LeeGumbs @RSmith519)

The Bad Boys of Dance, “Just playing around…” over Boon League’s “Hip Hop Nation”.

Dancers featured in video and their following twitters below:

James Boyd (@JamzBoyy)

Henry Rivera

Tim Olson (@TimmySimmy)

Lee Gumbs (@LeeGumbs)

Rocky Smith (@RSmith519)


The song Boon League (@BoonLeague) “Hip Hop Nation” available for download:

Clean Version: (Bandcamp)

Dirty Version: (iTunes)


Bad Boys Of Dance, ROCK THE BALLET LIVE, Oct 26th & 27th 2012 in Jacksonville more info & tix at:

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