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On this Easter celebration iSpy the Obamas, Halle Berry and Nahla, and The Cannons enjoying Easter each in their own way to make it a special time with their family and loved ones. Check out the festivities Juice Heads!

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The Obamas enjoyed a service at  St. John’s Episcopal Church

halle berry

iSpy Halle Berry in Hawaii with daughter Nahla

helle berry 2

Nahla dolled up, wearing a pretty pink ruffled layered dress and bunny ears to celebrate the holiday

the cannons

As the two posed for the camera Mimi tweeted “Happy Easter dahhlings…I finally caught the Easter bunny.”

the cannons2

iSpy The Cannon Family bonding on vacation enjoying this Easter 2013

Comment how you spent your Easter Juice Heads!

The Obama’s Dance To The Sweet Sound Of Jennifer Hudson


President Obama and First Lady Michelle danced their first dance at the Commander-in-Chief Ball, to the sweet sounds of Jennifer Hudson singing her rendition of Al Green Let’s Stay Together.

The couple danced so elegantly as the President sang to his love in her ear and showed some public affection as he kissed his wife several times….Awww don’t you just love these two…….and Jennifer did her thang as usual…..and I do believe it was live check it out below.


When a man LOVES a woman ……he dances like this

Cornel West Says Obama Only Cares About Vanilla Kids


Professor Cornel West says Obama Only cares about vanilla kids. Chicago murder rate has increased over the years and black youths are the target victims. Obama hasn’t directly spoke on the issue as of yet, but when the Connecticut shootings took place President Obama voice was heard and tears where shed.

According to Eurweb *Tavis Smiley’s buddy and partner in slime (against President Obama), Professor Cornel West, is at it again.

With the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut as the backdrop, Saturday, West referred to President Obama and other (unnamed) politicians as “cowards” who only cares about “vanilla” children.

West, an open and frequent critic of Obama, referring to the soaring homicide rate in Chicago, said the president did not care when “black folk” get shot in his own state.

“Not a peep not a mumblin’ word when the black folk gettin’ shot!” he said” But now Newtown (Connecticut), vanilla side, low in behold we got a major conversation.”

West made his comments during “The Smiley & West Show.” Cornel West has also publicly called Obama a “Rockefeller Republican in Blackface.”

Following the death 26 children and adults in Newtown, CT., President Obama is taking action to implement some form of gun control.



Mjj says Professor Cornell West loves controversy, and what better time than now when an issue of Gun Control is on the table to slam the Potus…… Do you think Cornell’s statements of Obama only caring about vanilla kids ring true?

President Obama Time’s Person Of The Year


President Obama Made the cover of Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year. The POTUS is history in the making and the portrait is a powerful statement. The Prez exudes confidence, strength, and power and photographer Nadav Kander captured Obama ”The Oneness” essence.

Rick Stengel Time’s editor spoke on why President Obama was chosen to be the Person of The Year saying, “We are in the midst of historic cultural and demographic changes, and Obama is both the symbol and in some ways the architect of this new America.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself…..Obama lead us on to the land of milk and honey.

spotted @NYTimes

Barrack Obama Did It Again


President Obama is the people’s champion once again. Obama was re-elected by 303 electoral college votes, he will be in office for another 4 years ……..

His acceptance speech spoke of equality, unity for all, and moving forward…..because the best is yet to come. Last night was a heart felt moment, that once again made me stick out my chest and be proud to be an African American.

Mitt Romney ran a good race, now it’s time for him to stick his tail between his legs and get the hell on.

Check Out Obama’s Acceptance Speech below

Donald Trump Dangles $5 Million For President Obama Release His College Transcripts

Donald -Trump -challenges- President- Obama- to -release -his- school- transcripts

Donald Trump is trying to stir the pot, goating Obama to release his college application, transcript  and other documents by dangling a 5 million dollar bounty for a charity organization of the POTUS choice.

via Tmz

Donald Trump has just issued a $5 million challenge to Barack Obama — if POTUS releases his college records, Trump says he’ll donate $5 mil to a charity of B.O.’s choice.


Trump just made the “announcement” via a YouTube video — saying, “If Barack Obama opens up and gives his college records and applications … and if he gives his passport applications and records I will give to a charity of his choice — Inner City Children of Chicago, American Cancer Society, AIDS Research … a check immediately for 5 million dollars.”


Trump continued, “The check will be given within one hour after he releases all of the records … he’ll be doing a great service for the country if he does this.”


“If he releases these records, it will end the question and indeed the anger of many Americans … they’ll know something about their president … their President will become transparent … like other Presidents.”


Trump had been teasing his “announcement” for days — saying it could have an impact on the election.



Mjj Says…….President Obama don’t go for it, this is all about control and weight flexing…Donald take that money and treat yourself  to a new rug to keep the top of your head warm.

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President Obama and First Lady Celebrate Their 20th Anniversary

The President and The First Lady Celebrates their 20th Anniversary

President Obama and First Lady displays black love at it’s best. Today they celebrate 20 years of blissfulness, and they remain an intact strong supporting unit……we don’t get to see this everyday.

They are still the twinkle in each other’s eye. Now tell me, if he can keep the sparks blazing in a marriage for 20 years …….you know he can Run the Nation and Restore Us to America The Great  in 4 more .

First Lady was on the Steve Harvey show and talked about her very first date and how smooth Obama was when he took her for ice cream and they had their first smooch.

First Lady was bursting with excitement like a teenage girl reliving her first kiss….awwww

Happy Anniversary and many more….

Check out the snippet below


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What Obama Does For Hip Hop Music, Culture, And Politics


RapHead.com – Some consider it a catch 22 that hip hops most elite rappers are promoting President Barack Obama via song, video, or concert. Some would argue the fact that its a bad look for Barack Obama’s image and campaign to the public. In my personal opinion I think that rappers are the most influential motivators for young adults across the country. Its no secret why when the powers that be want to make a come up they recruit the power players in rap music.

Ciroc needs to boost sales they grab, P.Diddy- CHA CHING! Barack Obama needs to boost votes, he grabs Jay-z, P.Diddy, Common and others – KING ME! The followers of these mega rap superstars are votes that NO PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE HAS EVER GOTTEN BEFORE!

Prior to Barack Obama taken his seat in the White House, Rappers cared less about showing their allegiance. Now you have the video’s of hit records reppin’ that United States Flag like it was the logo of the record label. Back in the 90′s this flag would have had a ridiculously huge tank, marijuana leaf, or some other record labels logo. In 2012 with Barack Obama in the White House, we get a United States Flag! United States Hip Hop!

To read this article in it’s entirety jump on over to RapHead

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