orlando brown

Eddie from “That’s So Raven was arrested on DUI charges. Orlando Brown almost made it home with his pregnant girlfriend in the car, when he was stopped in front of his house. Brown ‘s car didn’t have a license plate and apparently that was the initial reason for the stop. Once the officer aka Johnny Law approached the vehicle he could smell alcohol leaking from Brown’s pores. Johnny Law gave him a breathalyzer test and of course, he didn’t pass so he went straight to jail. He was released a few hours later after he posted bail for 15,000.

We all know  Brown from Patti LaBelle’s show “Out All Night ” with Morris chestnut and Duane what’s his name oh Mr. Duane Campbell. Brown was a cute little kid then, emphasis on the word was. Brown has been acting for quite some time. He’s one of the Disney/Nickelodeon kids, but I guess the drought hit his asz too, very few child actors escape it SMH that damn Hollywood…. it’s a beast.

Take a peek at the clip below, First the hair, then the clothes Hideous I say.Well I guess whatever he’s talking about didn’t jump off, and I can see why. Now we all know why he is drinking. Hell just looking at him makes we want to get a drink right now. Listening to him freestyle or whatever the hell he calls it, makes we want to find the nearest flight  of steps to throw myself down. As a matter of fact, I’ll throw his asz down first for added cushion and for driving drunk with pregnant girlfriend. A DAMN SHAME,WE EXPECT MORE FROM YOU MR. BROWN


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