The Eagles have not been playing at their best, I haven’t seen them play this bad in a very long time. I am an Eagle’s die-hard so I will stick to them like white on rice. I firmly believe that greatness will fall upon them, just having a few bad games should not count them out. I just don’t see the heart and passion from the defense. Since the Jim Johnson era ended, the Eagles defense has lost their swag. If they don’t win the Super Bowl, then it’s time to for Andy Reid to get to stepping. Don’t look at the 1 and 3 record. In sports Anything Can Happen On Any Given Sunday.

The fat lady is still singing and we still have the second half of the season to play. The next few games are real critical for the Eagles. How can you have a 20 point lead going into the 3rd quarter and lose the damn game SMH. Let me tell you how it’s plain and simple, don’t throw the ball, run the ball more, especially when you have a LeSean McCoy in the backfield. You are supposed to eat up the clock to keep the opposing offense off the field when you know your defense is  having trouble sustaining a lead, that reflects on the coach. Bottom line is, it’s all about the players going out on the field and executing whatever play is called, it’s not like it wasn’t practiced during the week.

The problem is coach Reid didn’t hold onto any veteran players, at least they could have helped the young ins along. Reid should be playing to his corner backs strength, which is man to man coverage not zone defense. The linebackers and safeties are too small and lack tackling skills. Reid bases his defense on speed, he doesn’t have to play Babin and Cole so far out, leaving the middle line open with rookie line backers and safeties. If they move the front defensive line in, the defensive line still will get to the quarterback.

To turn this thing around the Eagles Organization should spend the week trying to pick up a veteran linebacker and a veteran safety who can tackle. The defensive coordinator should change the defensive schemes, some with a few more blitzes and playing a little more man to man with the corners for starts. Andy Reid need to use better clock management and make smarter decisions, like run the damn ball a little more when you have a sizable lead and practice on how to get the damn ball into the end zone from the one yard line. Basically they need to practice on their red zone offense.

The Game Is All About Making Adjustments


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Preseason has come to an end, now it’s time for the Real Deal. Lights, cameras, action let the games begin. You know I’m still on that Eagles SuperBowl Ship, I will never fall off. Everything is still the same except for one thing, Mike Vick is a hundred million dollar man once again with 40 million guaranteed. I wonder what Donovan McNabb has to say about that? I asked myself is Vick worthy of such a lucrative contract, time will tell.

Vick is the third highest paid quarterback in the League behind two most deserving quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Payton Manning who have both won Super bowls. Do you think a hundred million dollars would be incentive enough? It should be ….It would be for me, but if Vick has the same leadership, dedication, passion, and work ethic for winning like Tom and Payton then we have a winner. Even though most athletes that finally get that once in a career huge contract, don’t live up to it. Let’s hope that’s not the case for Michael Vick. I am looking forward to an exciting season.


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I know the Eagles had a rough game against the Pittsburg  Steelers last week. My mind hasnt changed, I still predict the Eagles winning the Superbowl. I’m not jumping ship because of one bad game. The Eagles never play well against the Steelers. Some say the Eagles linebackers lack experience. All teams have weaknesses in some areas of the game.

If you checked out the game the Eagles defense was out played, that’s to be expected in only the second season  pre game, especially with a rookie defensive coordinator, inexperience linebackers, and safeties, two new corners, and two new defensive linemen against one of the top five rated quarterbacks in the league. Now the offense, this is where Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg comes into play. Did you see the first half calling? They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, same old Andy throw, throw, and more throw.

The passing game was sh*t, but the few times they ran the ball they picked up good yards, so when they fell 14 points behind instead of sticking with the run they resorted to the pass. I’ll see what they do tonight against the Cleveland Browns. We know with the addition of their new acquisitions to the defense they will be able to put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks. What I want to see is how well they fair in stopping the run.


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Michael Vick speaking at a H.S.

It’s that time of the year again, you know what I’m talking about football time and you know I have a prediction. Eagles are going all the way to the Super Bowl and it’s ours for the taking. The Eagles took a page out of the Phillies book and made some bold moves this season. This is a football town first, and the eagles will not let the Phillies steal all the glory. Eagles management took a step back, went straight to the drawing table and said its time to Pay to Play. We have to be audacious, spend some money and take our Number One spot back.

Through free agency mixed with their draft pick selections, I strongly feel that this is going to be a kick asz season. We are going all the way to GLORY. They have upgraded on every position and their coaching staff. The bottom line….. management was brassy this season and I like that. Sometimes you have to clean house and bring in quality players to get the job done.

Management slept on one thing, not playing their hand to acquire Plaxico Burress other than that great decisions were made. That’s how you make a statement  letting your team and fans know that this organization is serious about winning at all cost. We are going to be the last men standing . We all know it starts with Mike Vick the franchise player. Andy Reid must incorporate more running plays this season in order for Vick to stay healthy and lead us to the promise land. Now, if my prediction turns out to be wrong, then I say its time to send Andy Reid Asz packing.

WE ARE THE NEW YORK YANKEES OF THE NFL …….More to come as the world turns.

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