This is something you don’t see everyday in Philadelphia, but this is one of the many reasons why I love my city. As I ‘m cruising through the streets of Philly for a brief moment I thought I was in the Wild Wild West, as my eyes readjusted I see two young men on horses in the Huntington Park section of North Philadelphia. The inquisitive side got the best of me. I made a U-turn on Old York Rd, jumped out of my car, pulled out my phone and started asking questions and snapping away.

Did you know that Philadelphia has an Equestrian program for youths ages 7 to 19 check out Work to Ride. Parents and Guardians please expose your children to the wonderful world of Equestrian. For those who are young at heart, and you’re looking to explore the thrill of leisure riding at the beautiful Stables of Philadelphia well look no further start right here at Fairmont Park.org.

I know this is off of my usual topics but it is painful to see and hear about all the disturbances the young people of Philadelphia are causing aka Flash Mobs. The younger people are self destructing. We have to educate and expose our children to a variety of activities and a world of possibilities. Each One Teach One, it is a neccesity to get involved with our youth . It really does take a village to raise a child and everyone must do their part. I am leaving you with the question of the day.

Do you think Mayor Nutter’s new curfew experiments is enough, or do you expect more? 

Philadelphians Stand Up.

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