Public Enemy at a concert in England

Public Enemy a super group that was formed in 1982 took over the rap community. They were one of the forerunners in the Revolution of Rap. Public Enemy was the voice of young black kids. PE had zero tolerance for ignorance, and through their rhymes they empowered a nation to open their eyes and observe what’s going on in the world and become active. Through their military stance and controversial topics they had a tendency of thumbing their noses at politics and social media.

Public Enemy were radical for their time. They spoke about being black and proud delivering messages to uplift the black community via conscious lyrics. As they put your mind into deep thought you were still moving your feet to the hardcore beat. In 2004 Rolling Stones Magazine included Public Enemy in their Top 100 Greatest Artist Of All Time. Where do they rank on your list? Have we forgot, “Fight the Power“, “Terminator X“, and “Fear of A Black Planet” wait I got one more for you “Don’t Believe The Hype”. I haven’t and they will not let you forget either. They are still performing Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and his Clock last seen in Manchester, England coming to a town near you soon. Do you think they can still command the crowd and ignite that spark again, causing a combustion in our youth?Flavor Flav with his clock at a Public Enemy Show

Public Enemy ON Stage Once Again

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