Rihanna’s Bare A$$ Swallowed Some Poor Thong


Rihanna stay stuntin on Instagram, throwing subliminal jabs like a muthaf*cka. Rih Rih bares her perfect little asz swallowing up a thong. Showing her old boo thang Chris Brown exactly what he’s missing when he’s off playing catch up with desperately seeking Coochie Tran.

Might have been the reason Breezy banged out yesterday, he got the preview. Rih claims this photo was to get y’all tantalizing for her new video….or ….Is this a response to Chris Brown’s pic of his face all in Ms.Coochie’s asz ?

Chris-Brown-face-all-in- Ms-coochie's- asz


Which A$$ would you rather take home?

Rihanna Filming A Commercial In Nyc


Rihanna on set filming a commercial for Budweiser in NYC. Rih Rih brought out the blond tresses with the dark roots, looking picture perfect.

Dressed in basic grey looking alluring baring her midriff. Hair and makeup…check, gear…check, attitude ….check.

Think she got her swaggar back since the Breezy fiasco…..check


Are you loving the look???

Rihanna’s Mac Lipstick Launch Party


Rihanna’s Mac Lipstick launch party was a success. Mac RiRi Woo went on sale May 2 and sold out within 3 hours. If you are one of the millions dying to get your hands on the matte red lipstick and you don’t want to settle for Mac’s Ruby Woo which is a similar product, you’ll be waiting until the next shipment in June.


Rihanna partied it up with her besties and then hit the club to party a little more with the likes of baller J.R. Smith another messy diamond in the rough since lover boy Chris Breezy was spotted taking a break from their relationship to explore his option with business partner Ms. Coochie his former homie lover friend.


Rihanna sure know how to pick em, love em and leave em…..

Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour After Party

A chick without boundaries, you got to love it.


Rihanna Showing Love To Miami Strippers


Rihanna knows how to have a good time, and she love them strippers. Ri dropped by King of Diamonds Stripper club in Miami and dropped 8 stacks in 2 hours time. Badgirl Ri Ri was throwing it up, and watching all fall out…..all over a stripper named Remy Red’s snatch.


STRIP CLUBS AND DOLLAR BILLS!!! Rihanna sings from experience … because last weekend in Miami, she dropped $8,000 on stripper booty — and we got video.


Sources at Miami’s mega-strip joint King of Diamonds tell TMZ, RiRi stopped in early Sunday morning, and rained down eight grand on several dancers, including a girl named Remy Redd … one of the biggest strippers in Magic City (in more ways than one).


We’re told Rihanna dropped by to see how the girls move to her music — and ended up staying for two-and-a-half hours. We’re told Ri’s BFF Katy Perry dropped by later as well.


The video is insane. Watch it all fall out.


 Mjj says, Now that’s how you do it ….bands make your girl go down, and still got more money.




Rihanna and Melissa Cheering On The Miami Heats


Rihanna and Melissa hit up a Miami Heat game….playoff time. Rih and Mel cheered their team to victory while Instagramming it up. Rih-Rih put on a good show too, lickety licking it up with Mel.

Now, before your dirty little minds get to racing I’m only talking about a little tongue action for the camera…..check it out and bass in your glory.


Rihanna-showing-off-her-king james-jersey-red-black-and-whiteKing James …….Baby


Rihanna’s Diamond Tour In Philly

Rihanna-philly-concert-in-black-leather-Lawd Jesus

Lawd Jesus

Rihanna and her sexy asz hit the stage in Philly and took it down. She’s cancelled a couple of her Diamond World Tour dates due to having laryngitis but she was well and singing her heart out last night. Rihanna did Philly good for all y’all that missed it here’s a little snippet of what you missed….Njoy


Want more information on Rihanna and her tour dates check out Rihanna Daily—smooches

Rihanna Asz Out Rocking Prada Thigh Boots

Rihanna with her ass out on Instagram straight flexin


Rihanna in a make me proud IG flick showing off her new hooker boots with asz out in a thong. Can you say we will do anything to stay in a the limelight. Rihanna and her free spirit self let it all hang out as she shows off her apple bottom and I ain’t talking bout the jeans. She’s on IG straight flexin with the caption below:

“Gotcha bitch tip toeing on my marble flo’!!! Sick ass custom Prada boots! Miuccia you RULE!!! Thank you.”

Do you likey likey???



Rihanna Takes Out A Restraining Order


Rihanna takes out a restraining order against her sick stalker. Last week we reported that Rihanna’s Cali home had an invader alert and her good neighbors spotted the intruder/stalker and detained him until police arrival.

Well Rihanna is taking further precautions in the name of a protection order against her alleged stalker.

According to court documents obtained by “omg! Insider,” the singer (real name: Robyn Fenty) filed a restraining order against Steveland Barrow on Tuesday. The 31-year-old California man was arrested on February 22 for breaking into the Los Angeles home of her neighbor, mistakenly believing it was where the star lived.

In addition to removing “various items from the home,” Barrow “slept in a bed,” thinking it belonged to Rihanna. “Upon arrest, he claimed he had been invited to Ms. Fenty’s residence” and “had numerous pieces of poetry for her.”

The documents state that Barrow has caused Rihanna, who wasn’t home at the time, to “fear for her safety.”

The temporary restraining order mandates that Barrow, whose whereabouts are currently unknown after he was released from police custody, stay 100 yards away from Rihanna, her home, her place of business, and her car.

A court date has been set for March 21 to make the order permanent and establish even stricter stipulations.

Mediajuicejoint- Rihanna shares intimate details with her fans, but when you come uninvited to her house she’s gonna put the smack down on her stans.