Shane Sparks dance choreographer took a plea deal for allegedly sexually abusing 6 girls and raping a 12-year-old dance student. Shane is better known as the opinionated judge that sat alongside Little Mama in Randy’s Jackson show ” America’s Best Dance Crew”. I am appalled that he was given a plea deal for those type of charges, and check this out he will be in jail for less than a year WTF is going on with our Justice System? You can allegedly sexually abuse and rape our young kids, you can allegedly kill toddlers and get a slap on the wrist its preposterous. Our Justice system needs to be revamped.

Pleading no contest for having sex with an unlawful minor and this scumbag will get less than a year in jail with five years of probation, get out and start all over again, while seven young woman are tormented and their lives will never remain the same. Doesn’t seem right to me. Why did the LA District Attorney offer him a plea deal? I wonder how Little Momma feels about this, it would make me cringe to know that I was sitting so close to an animal who has allegedly committed such heinous acts. IMO they should have thrown his asz to the wolves, jail is just not good enough. I see why people turn to street justice although I don’t condone it, I’m simply saying I Understand. Sparks when you get to jail PLEASE DROP THE SOAP.


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