T.O. is back to being unemployed again. News of the NFL team The Seattle Seahawks terminating his contract is ringing across the websphere. T.O. can’t keep a job, and he can thank that damn mouth of his and his poor judgement but, this time in all fairness this was of no fault of his own , maybe indirectly due to age, and a bum knee.

With stats like this ~ a five-time All-Pro, ranks second to Jerry Rice in NFL history with 15,934 yards receiving. Owens is tied with Randy Moss behind Rice for the NFL’s second-most touchdown catches with 153 and is sixth with 1,078 career receptions, you would think he world be somewhere sitting on top of the would grinning from ear to ear as he reflects upon his accomplishments….but that’s not the case instead…..

Owens is 38 years old shuffling from team to team, indoor to outdoor field, plagued with bankruptcy, child support arrears up the wazoo, and bad acting and crying on Vh1. Hell he would be financially set if he had just one dollar for each tear that streamed down his face over the years.

Ochocinco Cut from the Dolphins, T.O cut from the Sea hawks….damn I guess those two right now are crying in each others arms as we speak…..birds of a feather sure do flock together, and those pigeons are trying to fly with oiled wings…..In all sincerity, for the love of the game I wish those two the best of luck and hope to see them do their thing on the field.


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Terrell Owens ain’t taking his latest pink slip laying down — TMZ’s learned he’s considering a lawsuit against the Allen Wranglers … claiming they breached his contract when they 86′d him yesterday.


Sources close to T.O. tell us the former NFL superstar is pissed because Wranglers execs blasted him for skipping a team appearance at a children’s hospital. We’re told T.O. believes he was not required to attend the event by the terms of his contract — and as a result he feels the team is in breach.


A rep for T.O. confirms he’s considering a lawsuit, saying … “Mr. Owens’ legal team is addressing the details of the Wranglers release statement.”


The rep added, T.O. “played all games according to his contractual agreement and was proud to be part of the IFL and the Allen Wranglers.”


For his part, T.O. is only saying he wishes “the Allen Wranglers all the best moving forward.”


In court?



Mediajuicejoint- T.O. is somewhere crying to his attorneys and, I know his baby mommas are rejoicing too, maybe they can finish bleeding him dry, if he win in court…..All that talent down the drain and he still can’t keep his mouth closed and do what’s necessary to keep generating positive cash flow. Cry Baby is cut from another team……Indoor Football League at that….PITIFUL


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NFL or should I say former NFL player Terrell Owens covers GQ  Magazine’s  February2012 issue. I know you are saying where’s the bucket for all those damn tears he’s about to shed? Well, Terell is still crying and he has reason to well up…. He went from multi million dollars pay checks, to barely making child support, Terrell say’s he’s in hell… I would be too if I blew 80 million dollars.

Terrell claims his financial downward windstorm was caused partly by his financial advisors, and himself … He played ball and let them do the rest….. misguided trust. He is unable to find a team to pick him up due to the reckless, saying anything, no self control behavior he dished out to each team he was traded to. Baby Mamma drama, 4 kids by 4 different women and…… each and everyone of them, he claims were jump-offs….so they have no pity or love for him, they’re relentless when it comes to that child support money …..F*ck You Pay Me attitude.

Terrell’s BFF Mo and Kita left him high and dry, the demise of their friendship caused by the girls network shopping for their own reality show. All of these pitfalls for one man to bear can drive one over the edge, especially if you are not strong….I guess that’s why there have been two allegedly suicide attempts. Terrell’s arrogance caused him to burn soo many bridges that no one wants to stick out their neck for him. He’s talented no doubt but he’s also a loose cannon.

It’s hard to feel sorry for a black man who has earned 80 million dollars, pushed everyone buttons, mismanaged his money and now crying because he has none left. I hope he’s able to get back on his feet, since the chip has been knocked off his shoulder.

Take a look at the clip from GQ and weigh in

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