Aaron McGruder Is Asking His Fans To Help Fund An Uncle Ruckus Film


Are you a Boondocks fan? If so Aaron McGruder the creator of the hit show is trying to raise funds to jump start a project of interest. A Live Action Movie spin-off starring the crazy character Uncle Ruckus the black man that hates the color of his own skin….White Jesus.

According to Eur Aaron McGruder is working on a live action movie spin-off of his cartoon “The Boondocks” and he’s hoping to raise the funds from fans online, reports WENN.

McGruder has been planning a version of the comedy centered around self-hating handyman Uncle Ruckus, voiced by “Weeds” actor Gary Anthony Williams, but instead of shopping the project to film executives at Sony Studios, which produces “The Boondocks,” the creator is turning to fans to help him reach his target of $200,000.

A message posted on the Kickstarter.com crowd funding site on Wednesday reads: “There’s always been interest in a live-action Boondocks movie, which to me was out of the question considering Huey and Riley are essentially impossible to cast. The animated feature would cost around 20 million, but a live action Uncle Ruckus movie could cost a fraction of that.

“So just for the hell of it we had the costume made and it was pretty amazing. To see Gary actually transform into Uncle Ruckus… It’s quite the surreal experience. I never expected the transition to be so completely seamless.”

In exchange for donations, fans have been offered merchandise from the show, including T-shirts, DVDs, posters and photos.

At press time, the film already had 319 investors, raising more than $11,300. The campaign ends on March 1.


Mjj says The minimum contribution is a dollar, for exchange of some form of merchandise….Let’s make this happen!!!!!!



The Boondocks season 4 will be coming at ya sometime in the near future. Regina King the voice over for Huey and Riley Freeman spilled the tea on Shade 45. We thought after season 3 that the show was a rap. First John Witherspoon who provides the voice over for Granddad and now Regina have stated that another season and a possibility of a movie is in the making.

The Boondocks is one of the best adult comic cartoon show ever. The characters and their roles are well thought out and most of the exaggerations are real and thought provoking. Aaron McGruder the creator is brilliant.

During Regina’s interview with Sway who also provided a voice over for the series, one of the fans asked about a movie, she replied ”Aaron is thinking about a movie. I’m pretty sure he’s done a rough draft of where you would want the movie to go,” Regina revealed. “And I think he’s been talking to some financiers and you just might see that.”

I am definitely looking forward to season 4 and the movie. Check out the interview below along with a clip from The Boondocks. Viewing this clips brought tears to my eyes, I was laughing so hard. WARNING: This is not for you’s sensitive Suzie’s….BEWARE this is blue humor.

spotted @ S2S Magazine

MTV Sway’s show Shade 45 and house guest Regina King

Check out one of many funny clips from “The Boondocks”

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