Mimi Faust And Benzino Twitter Beef

Benzino and mimi faust- feud

Mimi Faust and Benzino is twitter beefing and some very private accusations have been thrown around the twitter-sphere floating free. Love and Hip Hop Atl style are on their second season of taping and with that said I would normally dispel this B.S. as stunting for the show……but these wild accusation sound like there could be some validity to it.

Mimi throws Benzino under the liking it up the asz bus while sniffing the white lines. Benzino calls Mimi a Joseline carpet muncher……Pause and Park….. Do you think Stevie had that much control over Mimi for a threesome to have occurred?????? Anything is possible on any given Sunday.

Check out the tweets below, this season is going to be interesting and it’s rumored that Mimi’s new boo Nikko will be making his debut on the show as well………pretty pretty interesting, don’t ya think?

Mimi and benzino twitter bashing



The tweets have been erased, Benzino has apologized for going in on his BFF Stevie’s baby mom and all is fair in love and war….on the flipped side….

Aint nobody got time for that!!!!!!!


Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After A Verbal Altercation With A Female Comedian


Chris Brown is at the center of controversy again. The Famed singer deletes his twitter account after a verbal altercation with a female comedian who drew first blood when she tweeted to Brown “Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person”, and of course Breezy responded with some insults of his own before ending his tweets with “Just ask Rihanna is she mad??????”


Chris Brown has deleted his Twitter account again, E! Online reports, this time after a nasty exchange yesterday with comedy writer Jenny Johnson.


The back-and-forth began when Brown tweeted, “I look old as fuck! I’m only 23 . . .,” and Johnson replied, “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person.” Johnson has been a persistent critic of Brown’s on Twitter since he was arrested in February 2009 for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna and, in Johnson’s view, not showing remorse.


This time, Brown responded, tweeting vulgar insults that included calling Johnson a “hoe” and suggesting she perform oral sex on him. Johnson corrected his spelling during their exchange, and tweeted a link to a story about Brown’s 2009 arrest.


According to Celebrity Tweet, Brown signed off after posting, “To teambreezy . . . Know that I’m not upset. Just felt like entertaining the ignorance. These bitches crazy . . . Further proved my point of how immature society is. #CarpeDiem.”


Johnson’s final tweet on the subject read, “According to Team Breezy, if you have a difference of opinion with someone, ‘eating a dick’ is the cure for any and all problems. #Knowledge.”


Brown previously shut down his Twitter account in December 2009 after ranting about retailers he thought had refused to carry his album, Graffiti.


Mjj wants to know ….when will Chris Brown learn to just hit the ignore button when someone is constantly provoking him. Whether he started it or finished it, no one will ever see him as the victim.  He has to learn self control right or wrong….smh

spotted@Rolling Stone

Mashonda Claps Back At Alicia Keys

mashonda claps back at Alicia Keys, You did steal my husband now own up to it and move onAlicia-Keys campaigning for Obama in Philly

Mashonda the former Ms Swizz Beatz took to twitter to dispel the ish that was coming out of Alicia Keys mouth during her interview with Jet. Keys provided a timeline of when she first hooked up with Swizz Beatz.

Alicia Keys insists that she hooked up with Swizz after Swizz and Mashonda were separated, but Mashonda paints a different picture. Some years have passed but somehow the discussion of the timeline of when, where, and who did what seems to reoccur…

Seems like someones conscious is eating at them…hint hint AK, and although one moves on and the pain lightens up, you still never forget the day and circumstances of when another chic partakes in the demise of one’s marriage.

Alicia would like to woe back her fans and convince them that she is not a home wrecker…must not be good for sales, while Mashonda on the other hand will not forget or let the fans forget what she calls the truth….Keys stealing her man, having a baby by him, and then marrying him….insult to injury.


Mashonda tweets to Alicia Keys You can't create truth


Whose side are you on?

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Karrine “SuperHead” Steffans Says “Will You Be Mad At Wyclef, Like You Were Mad At Her??”

Karrine "SuperHead" Steffans Says "Will You Be Mad At Wyclef, Like You Were Mad At Her??

HipHopNews24-7.com Exclusive — Is there a double standard between men tell all books and women tell all books?? Karrine “Superhead Steffans seems to think so. Wyclef Jean is currently hitting the media circuit with his new tell all book where he claims an affair with Lauryn Hill while he was a married man and Lauryn Hill ended up getting pregnant.

Karrine Steffans aka SuperHead and Wyclef book pic

Wyclef claims Lauryn Hill was also sleeping with Rohan Marley at the time and the baby was actually Rohan’s. However, Lauryn Hill told Wyclef that her first born son was his and never admitted to sleeping with Rohan until later on.


Karrine Steffans Confessions of a Video Vixen spread like wildfire through the music industry in 2005-2006 when Steffans claims she was abused by her then-husband rapper, Kool G Rap.

The Video Vixen also claims she had sexual relationships with numerous famous music stars and athletes, including Jay-Z, Ja Rule, Bobby Brown, Dr. Dre, DMX, Xzibit, Diddy, Usher, Shaquille O’Neal and Irv Gotti.


Is there a double standard??? Karrine Steffans and HipHopNews24-7.com wants to know “Will you be mad at Wyclef like you were mad at Karrine???

lol — Futuristic Blogger

Karrine Steffans aka SuperHead tweets about Wyclef book

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Roscoe Dash Wants To Know, Where’s His Credit For Writing Wale’s Lotus Bomb

roscoe dash wants to know where is his credits wale and kanye

Roscoe Dash the Atl song writer, hook killer and rapper claims he wrote for Kanye and Wale and he wants to know, where’s his writing credit. Roscoe says he contributed to Kanye’s “Cruel Summer” album and Wale’s “Lotus Bomb” and he doesn’t see his name anywhere under credits. Lotus Bomb hook was sung by Miguel who wrote part of the hook and received credit.

Roscoe took to twitter today to voice his concerns. His tweets started out,

“Everybody go get the G.O.O.D album and listen to #1 then watch @kanyewest interview worldstarhiphop.com… & tell me y I’m not on the credits. Can’t do favors for niggas bcuz no matter how humble and generous u r to ppl niggas will take everything u have … Even niggas u look up to. The most talented ppl get the least credit for everything and the crazy part is they put in the MOST work…”Roscoe tweeted.

He continued, “Same shyt with @wale lotus flower bomb I wrote that for him b4 he even signed to Ross & it went #1 ….but nobody would kno that cuz I’m not in the credits. But EVERYTHING must eventually come to the light…. & I’m only speaking on this publicly bcuz there are so many ppl who wanna be apart of the industry but dnt Kno half of the shit that goes on.”

Now, Kanye nor Wale has broke their silence as of yet, but Miguel “Sure Thang” has, as a matter of fact…….

Miguel had a lot to say during an Exclusive interview with Complex check it out,

“As far as I know, Wale and another artist that I recently met penned the original ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’ chorus and I came in and added the second half or the end part…I’m not going to explain myself, this is retarded. I don’t know anything about Roscoe Dash. At the end of the day, I know my involvement in the song and as far as I know, Wale and I, and this other guy, wrote the chorus. The other guy was an alternative artist.”

Miguel goes on to say, ““I think anyone that wants to know who wrote the song can check the credits. I don’t know, I don’t really care. If he did write part of it, then he should get credit for it. All I know is that I didn’t write my portion of the song with Wale in the room-he was in Atlanta, I was in New York. If anyone had any involvement prior to me being involved, that’s unbeknownst to me. Definitely if he wrote a part of it, he should get credit for it but as far as I know, the people who deserve credit on the song are listed. Twitter is definitely not the place to handle business per say. If he wanted to get that rectified, he would have his lawyer contact the proper people.”

Just when you thought it would fizzle down Roscoe Dash fires back quick on the draw,

roscoe fires back at Miguel

Roscoe Dash 2.0 Fires back at Miguel

Roscoe Dash 2.0 fires back at Miguel

Mjj says, Well DAMN there you have it part of the story, there are many sides to a story and we can only wait for Kanye and Wale’s response. Round 1 was interesting and if you had to score based on the first round who would it be?

Stay Tuned Tweets be Watching

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What Has Actress Nia Long Been Up To Lately?????

Nia Long on her way to register to vote

HipHopNews24-7.com Exclusive — I’m sure you know actress Nia Long had a new baby boy earlier this year. The gorgeous mom also graced the August 2012 cover of ESSENCE Magazine. With 48 days left until the Presidential Election, did you know actress Nia long has been going hard campaigning for Barack Obama?nia long and barack obama new pic


Every chance she gets, Nia Long reminds us not to assume the person standing next to you is registered to vote. She admits helping three people register to vote today because the deadline is around the corner.

This sort of ambition inspired me to go hard the last 48 days to help get President Barack Obama re-elected.


So HipHopNews24-7.com wants to team up with Nia Long to get people register to vote.

We have over 170,000 members and many friends across the internet. Together Nia Long and HipHopNews24-7.com can make a huge impact. — Futuristic Blogger


nia long register to vote

HipHopNews24-7.com Staff Writers Daddymack, Marco Debart And Futuristic Blogger Weighs In On Chief Keef And Lil Jo Jo Death!!

Our staff writers were disgusted by the tweets from Chicago rapper Chief Keef and the senseless death of another 16 year old rapper name Lil Jo Jo. Normally our staff and crew don’t voice such strong opinions on hip hop beefs, but when a 16 year old kid is shot and killed, this is more then hip hop beef. This is a reflection of our society and the crime needs to be addressed.


HipHopNews24-7.com wants Chief Keef to make a public apology to Lil Jo Jo family and to his own fans. Any record label endorsing this madness should also apologize. Our staff and crew will no longer post any Chief Keef music, concerts, videos etc. And we encourage other hip hop websites to do the same.


  We will only post updates on Lil Jo Jo Murder case.

Tell Mjj your thoughts!!!


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Attention seeking Kanye West tweets a photo of a chic that looks like Kim Kardashian from the back, he’s trying to make you believe that Kim’s real asz without the prosthetics and spanks look like the pic of a well known gal from the XXX industry.


They have stooped to a whole new low to keep their names on people lips, and what’s the best thing and only thing she’s known for is that asz and keeping it on display….it’s an asz that each time I look at it, it’s taken on a new form and a slightly different shape, could be the angles.

Kanye & Kim keeping up with the shenanigans, that’s why Queen B the Royal Highness mother of Princess Blue Ivy ain’t buying it……. don’t believe check it out for yourself….down below

This is just as funny as Kanye West and Kim Kardashian  rumors of getting married and having kids.

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